Hytera P-LTE STD caters for requirements of customers on audio, video, multimedia short messages, and data services. The system is a new generation fully-converged trunking communications network by combining multiple networks such as narrowband PMR and public network to help customers implement audio dispatch, multimedia trunking, real-time data interaction in a unified manner. Based on mature and advanced LTE technology platform, the system embodies high throughput, high reliability, and real-timeliness in data transmission so as to provide professional broadband trunking communications.

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Converged Network and Smooth Upgrade

The E2E convergence solution includes convergent terminals, convergent core networks, and convergent dispatch and management platforms, which enables you to customize smooth upgrade services for your system as per your requirements to optimally protect your existing network.

High Performance and Reliable Service

The data transfer rate of LTE network is 75 Mbps on the uplink and 150 Mbps on the downlink, which significantly satisfies requirements on high-speed transmission. The system, protected by priority-based QoS, adopts multi-level redundancy design, remote backup, and single-site mode to ensure its reliability.

All-round Security Control Mechanism

The system uses multiple encryption and authentication to guarantee access and data transmission security.

Flexible and Fast Deployment

The system is easy to install and deploy. It can work reliably under various harsh conditions. Besides, it is easy to operate and maintain. Rich fast-deployment products and solutions serve three-in-one audio, image, and video communications dispatch for various scenarios.

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