Public Safety Command & Control

Hytera provides sets of command and dispatch products and solutions for global public security agencies such as police, fire, emergency rescue, and urban management, to build a comprehensive security system with efficient and professional incident taking, handling and management, for the purpose of rapid response, smart dispatch and disciplined disposal. The products and solutions enable multiple public security agencies to coordinate with each other rapidly and seamlessly, improving the public security maintenance capability, promoting urban safety, and enhancing public satisfaction. 


Product and Solution

Alarm Call Taking & Handling

Consisting of a IP contact center and a digital incident processing systems, Alarm Call Taking & Handling provides the mechanism and tools for unified alarm call taking in a typical public security answering point, incident input and recording, and selection of appropriate agencies for incident dispatch. It offers the public a convenient and instant way for seeking help in case of emergency, and at the same time empowers the police and other security agencies to timely receive incidents and rapid dispatch of force. 

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Visual Command System

By displaying incident locations, police force, and other police/emergency related items such as video surveillance cameras, checkpoints, and critical infrastructures on a single GIS-map, the Visual Command System provides dispatchers in the command center a comprehensive view of incident status and resources distribution. With mechanisms and tools including automatic recommendation of first responders, autocorrelation of incidents with police groups, and easy selection of multiple resources simultaneously on a map, the system empowers dispatchers to make accurate decisions and quick responses.

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Major Event Security System

Designed for security guarantee and emergency response for major sports games, festival gatherings, summits and disaster rescue, the MESS provides scheme and task design, resource deployment, and route security plan making before the event, as well as security force monitoring and dispatch, real-time playing of video surveillance cameras, and comprehensive situation display during the event. Moreover, it offers records for security scheme and task review, assessment and potential improvement after the event. 

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