Other Refitted Vehicles

Other Refitted Vehicles

4G Mobile Base Station
·The base station adopts the frame structure and mobile design. It is strong in strength and free of maintenance for outdoor use all day long.
·The base station has three functional zones: equipment cabin, antenna cabin, and generator cabin. It can integrate various communication systems such as GSM/CDMA/WCDM/TD-LTE, SDH, PDH, microwave, satellite WLAN, video surveillance, and video conference equipment.
·The base station can be installed on a truck, so the truck can serve as a communication vehicle.

Power Van
·It serves as a mobile power station
·It supplies power to other equipment
·Good mobility and wide adaptability
·30 kW to 800 kW, AC 220 V/AC 380 V output
·The vehicle-mounted fuel tank ensures continuous power supply for more than 72 hours
·Professional vibration-absorbing and sound-insulation measures ensure low vibration and low noise during operation
·It supports remote control and can be left unattended while it is operating.
·Lifting lighting system (optional)

Mobile TV Van
·Mobile TV van is a flexible vehicle-mounted "TV station" that allows live anchoring, video recording, and editing on site and can transmit TV program signals to TV stations for live broadcasting through optical fibers, microwave equipment, or satellite equipment.
·The van length is about 12-16 meters, equipped with 10-26 camera channels.
·The van body adopts the one-side sliding, two-side sliding, or three-side sliding structure to maximize the space.
·The van is equipped with the first directing zone, second directing zone, technical zone, and equipment zone and provides a comfortable and mute environment.
·Basic configuration: cameras, switching stations, voice stations, monitors, and EVS cabinets.
·The van can be powered using an independent generator or connected to the mains supply.
·The van uses a heavy truck chassis or a semi-trailer chassis.


Show Van
·The van uses a large-sized truck or semi-trailer chassis, and expands the cabin on both sides to form a mobile exhibition hall.
·The floor is flat and an area of 40 m2 can be used for display.
·An air conditioning system and a fresh air system are installed.
·The van has various interior decoration and lighting systems.
·The van can be equipped with an optional external display and manned platform.
·An optional power generator can be installed to power the van independently.
·The van uses large-sized Type-2 full-trailer chassis or semi-trailer chassis.

Lodging Van
·The van provides basic living conditions, such as temporary accommodation, bath, and food.
·The van provides beds for 12 to 30 people and 1 to 2 bath rooms.
·The water supply system, using water storage and surface water purification, provides sanitary water for 3-7 days.
·An air conditioning system and a fresh air system are installed.
·The van is equipped with water heaters, refrigerators, water dispensers, microwave ovens, induction cookers, and other life support facilities.
·The van provides satellite TV and other entertainment facilities.
·Smoke alarms and safe escape facilities are installed.
·An optional power generator can be configured.

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