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Hytera started the R&D of body worn camera in 2016. It takes only two years for Hytera to launch conventional and 4G body worn camera series products, a data acquisition and electronic evidence platform, and a background video dispatch center, forming a complete video-assisted law enforcement solution and product ecosystem. Hytera body worn camera integrates various functions such as video recording, audio recording, photographing, and real-time transmission. It can accurately record the on-site situation and collect momentary factual evidences in time to effectively safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of law enforcers and the parties involved. Hytera body worn camera is solid, reliable, and easy to use, and features a long battery life. We always adhere to the "customer-focused and service-oriented" principle and emphasize user experience from a user's perspective, with the vision to becoming an industry leader.


Customer Challenges

If the law enforcement process is not transparent, the legitimate rights and interests of law enforcers or the parties involved cannot be effectively guaranteed when law enforcement disputes arise.
Law enforcement activities are changing rapidly, so it is difficult to timely collect the momentary evidence.
If the feedback from on-site law enforcers is not timely or accurate, the command center cannot provide the most effective instructions.
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Hytera Advantages

Public security standards and compatible platform

Hytera body worn camera complies with the requirements of GA/T 947-2015 Video/Audio Recording System for the Individual Enforcing Policeman. It is compatible with management platform systems of other manufacturers and can help customers collect and upload data on existing platforms, thereby reducing replacement costs.

Rotatable camera for fair and just law enforcement

The camera delivers outstanding wear performance and a long service life (30,000 rotations). When the camera rotates to the same side of the screen, police information and the shot video can be shown to the people being photographed, guaranteeing fair and just law enforcement.

Industry-leading video compression technology

With the H.265 high-efficiency coding technology, the camera supports full high-definition 1080p video at a maximum of 1 Mbps ultra-low data rate. In addition, the camera provides brighter images with lower noise. This can substantially reduce storage costs.

Exquisite craftsmanship, sturdy and durable

The camera has passed reliability and environmental tests that are more stringent than standards of the Ministry of Public Security. It meets the high international standards in dustproof, waterproof, corrosion resistance, lightning protection, anti-electromagnetic interference, ultra-high/low temperature resistance, and shock resistance. Therefore, it can work stably for a long time in various extreme outdoor environments.

Ultra-long battery life

The battery has passed tests that are more stringent than GB/T 18287-2013 and GB 31214-2014. A single battery can operate for over 8 hours. The battery cover latch can tightly fit the body worn camera and be easily removed and installed.

Professional ergonomic design

The camera is thinner and lighter with the dual-color injection molding technology and color separations. Keys are designed in a concave-convex shape to prevent accidental touches and facilitate blind operations. The front surface is designed with anti-skid texture to help you hold the device tightly.

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