How to repair

How to repair


1. Purpose
To provide customers of Hytera with a clear RMA process to follow when the products they bought from Hytera come with quality issues which can't be fixed by them or by Hytera remote technical support (phone, email, video) but need to be returned to Hytera for repairing.

2. Scope
Overseas customers of Hytera; products of Hytera with quality issue

3. Definition

Serial NoNameDefinition
001RMAAbbreviation of Returned Material Authorization


4. Key roles and Relevant Responsibility

Serial NoRolesResponsibilities
001CustomerResponsible for filling in RMA form with accurate and sufficient information; Responsible for tracking shipment before returned goods arriving at Hytera HK.
002Service ManagerResponsible for verifying customer’s RMA application; Responsible for receiving returned goods appropriately.


5. Activities Description

Serial NoActivityRoleActivity descriptionInput and outputTime
010Customer apply for an RMACustomerCustomer applies for an RMA by filling in an RMA form with accurate and sufficient information  Output: RMA formN/A
020VerificationService ManagerVerify the necessity and accuracy of the RMA request which is from customerInput: RMA form        Output: Verification result1
           working day
030Send approved RMA form back to customerService ManagerBy positive verification, send the approved RMA form which is with Hytera GCSC official seal back to customerInput: Verification result        Output: Approved RMA form which is with Hytera GCSC official seal1
           working day
040Arrange shipment for malfunction goods to HyteraCustomerArrange shipment for malfunction goods to Hytera; Inform Hytera service manager of scanned shipping documents or tracking No.Input: Approved RMA form which is with Hytera GCSC official seal
           Output: PL, CI, AWB
050Follow the shipment before goods arriving at Hytera HKCustomerFollow the shipment before goods arriving at Hytera HK, Inform service manager of estimated date of arrival to HyteraInput: AWB
           Output: Estimated time of arrival of returned goods
060Receive goodsService Manager Help customer to track shipment of returned goods, receive goods at Hytera HK in time, notify customer by email when goods received.Input: PL, CI, AWB        Output: Goods received notice email1
           working day


6. RMA Flowchart


7. Notes

7.1 Packaging
7.1.1 Original packaging should be used if available to minimize the risk of shipment damage. Board products must be packed in antistatic plastic bubble bags to avoid ESD (electrostatic discharge) damage and physical damage. If the goods are damaged in transition from customer side to Hytera due to improper packaging, Hytera reserves the right to determine whether or not the returned products are repairable.
7.1.2 An RMA Form which is with RMA# and Hytera GCSC official seal must be put in the package when the goods are returned.
7.1.3 Customer shall keep a record of shipping documents in case the shipment is lost. Customer is responsible for the product until it is received by Hytera.

7.2 Delivery Charges
Freight and any other cost related to shipment of when the product returns to Hytera shall be prepaid by customer; Freight and any other cost related to shipment of when the product returns to customer shall be prepaid by Hytera.

7.3 Address of Returned Goods
All returned products must be shipped to below address unless GCSC engineer provides you with other specific ship to addresses for special cases.
Hytera Communications (HongKong) Company Limited
Consignee: Mr. Chen Xiuzong
Tel: 00852-23474055

8. Disclaimer
Hytera reserves the right of final interpretation of the Hytera Return Material Authorization (RMA) process.

9. Click here to download Hytera RMA form

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