How to order

How to Order

Hytera Spare Parts Service Product Manual

1.Product Features
High quality spare parts:
Ensure a sufficient and stable spare parts supply based on strategically held inventory in our Global Spare Parts Supply Center.
Professional Services:
Providingwhich made by the technical experts owning more than 10 years experience in the maintenance. 
           All-round one-stop supply of spare parts service.
High-speed supply of spare parts:
High-speed supply of spare parts gains unanimous approved by customers from all over the world.
           Cooperate with global logistics service providers to provide a full logistics network and minimize delivery times.
2.Product Introduction
Service Definition: Refers to the customer for failure to repair or reason to risk stocking and other aftermarket spare parts requirements proposed to Hytera.
Service Partner: overseas and domestic dealers, third-party service partners, direct users.
Service Process:
Please send the spares order to
Recommended Spares Parts List download address: Service Guide-Recommended Spares Parts List
Terms of Payment: F0B(Free On Board)
  • Overseas Distributors could deduct the after-service fund from their ASF account; if the account is not sufficient, you could pay on cash.

  • Non Hytera distributor please make the payment to the designated account.

  • After the payment is made, the spares order will be placed accordingly.

  • Spare order will be shipped with your radio shipment by default

  • Urgent spare parts order could be shipped by the Express Delivery, the corresponding freight will be deducted from the ASF account.

6.Lead Time
ProductProductLead Timei.e.
Components (In stock)3 working daysCeramic filter
Repair Tools / Maintenance Manual       (In stock)3 working daysCross Sleeve
Front Case Kit15 working daysTC-610P Front case kit
PCB (Main unit without aluminum       chassis)1 monthTC-700 Main unit without aluminum chassis
SystemBoard card1 monthCCU/CMU/SCU/VAU/DAU/      PGW/FCU/LCU/RSU
 Main unit30 working daysCPCI transceiver 1
7.Return of Goods
Please confirm the spares order within 5 days after you received it, if there is any question please contact the Spare Parts Order Specialist.
Non quality problem of the spare is not allowed to return.

Attached is the ordering service guide and spare order template for your usage.


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