Training Overview

Training Overview

DS-6210 digital trunking system technical training
DS-6211 Commercial Digital trunking system technical training
DS-6310 digital simulcast system technical training
Tetra digital trunking system technical training
MPT-1327 analog trunking system technical training
TS-2606 analog simulcast system technical training
Hytera Smartdispatch system technical training
IP Multi-site Connect technical training
Repeater coverage technical training
TS-6500 Wireless Dispatch and Patrol System technical training
DS-6801 Emergency Command Platform technical training
TS-6800 Emergency Communication System technical training
VS-5700 Mobile Wireless Video Transmission System technical training
TS-6600 technical training
Engineering TechnologyEngineering Instrument Introduction
Engineering Construction Norms Introduction
Engineering Security Norms Introduction
Digital product 
DMR terminal Repairing technical training
Tetra terminal Repairing technical training
Analog product 
Analog Convention Radio Repairing technical training
Analog Trunking Radio Radio technical training

Hytera Service Certification

Hytera Training Introduction

Hytera Customer Training Center was founded in 2007 and aims to provide professional technical training to Hytera customers. With powerful technical background, years of resource accumulation and combination, professional training experience, advanced training facilities, strict training management and humanized teaching style, to still now, Hytera has succeeded to offer a variety of professional training services for thousands of customers at home and abroad.

Hytera Training development roadmap

2007In 2007, Hytera set up the Customer Training Center, aims to provide professional technical training to Hytera customers.2010In 2010, after three years of resource accumulation and combination, with powerful technical background and professional training experience, we were succeeded to establish the training base of Hytera.
2012In 2012, with advanced training facilities, normalized training management, Humanized teaching style and powerful instructors, the Customer Training Center has attracted the attention of customers at home and abroad. By the end of 2012, there were 2134 persons who took part in Hytera technical training and 765 were certified as qualified engineers.2013In 2013, we built Hytera customer Training team, started a professional training operation management mode ,unified planning instructors and courses and were continued to provide a high-quality training service experience to Hytera customers.

Hytera training position and basic mission:

Promote products application technology ability of Hytera partners and users.

Learning style of training

Hytera provide four learning style of train including centralization, regional teaching, customization and distance education to satisfy the partner's necessity of difference level learning of train.


According to the annual training program of Hytera. People can achieve face to face teaching in train in Hytera's training centre. The training demonstration facilities, can make partner systematic, comprehensive, an in-deep master technical knowledge a skill of Hytera'product and promote work ability.

Regional teaching

This way design training course according the necessaty of trainees and demand trainees achieve face to face teaching in the area of customer. give priority to the technical exchange of application solution and answer question of Hytera's product.


Customization is the way that undertake face to face teaching in designated place of customer. It is course is planed according to customer's necessity. It has strong pertinence and timeliness.Distance education help partner quickly obtain the knowledge the product and solution of Hytera.

E-learning System

With E-learning system, Hytera will provide real-time training on line.

Training Teachers

Hytera customer training center devote itself to train technical lecturers. Currently, we have established a complete assessment system that authorizing training lecturers ,also, we have a high quality lecturer team with professional skills and many years of training experience.

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