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Hytera, with abundant service products based on users' requirements, can satisfy various applications. Service products include network design and survey before the sale, engineering construction and network optimization during the sale, as well as basic O&M and communication support after the sale. Therefor, Hytera can rapidly respond to customers' requirements and guarantee reliable network performance of customers.


Network Planning

Network planning is an important reference for communication network design and investment decision-making, and an essential prerequisite to successful system deployment. Using wired and wireless professional communication theory and practice, Hytera provides customers with network planning solutions covering the coverage range, signal quality, system capacity, and resource investment required for network construction, and supplies network evolution solutions, such as expansion and upgrade, to adapt to customers' business development.

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System Engineering Construction

System engineering construction is an end-to-end project delivery service that professionals implement survey design, system debugging, and test acceptance according to the construction technical specifications and project management standard based on Hytera's communication device and integrated supporting facilities. This service can meet customers' requirements for rapid construction of high-quality professional communication networks and customization.

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Warranty service responds to customers' requirements for the high-quality of professional communication network. Hytera promises to respond to customers' service requests in accordance with the contract, restore customers' networks through hardware maintenance, software upgrade or technical support, respond to customers' technical problems in a timely manner, and provide emergency spare parts support. Warranty service includes consulting, troubleshooting, repair, spare parts service, etc.

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Device Preventive Maintenance

Integrating Hytera rich maintenance experience in years, device preventive maintenance service actively maintains customers' devices and provides preventive maintenance services at various levels based on customers' requirements. With preventive maintenance, customers can deeply understand the network running status and take preventive measures in time for problems detected during the maintenance process to reduce the operation failures and improve network reliability.

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Communication Assurance

Communication assurance service guarantees smooth wireless communication on private networks in major activities/games and security activities involving economic and political dignitaries or other important events.

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Wireless Network Optimization

Wireless network optimization identifies causes that affect the network by analyzing traffic data, collecting on-site test data, analyzing parameters, and inspecting hardware. By modifying parameters, reconstructing networks, adjusting device configurations, and adopting some technical methods, wireless network optimization ensures high-quality system running, optimizes network resource efficiency, and maximizes the input-output ratio.

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Hytera provides comprehensive and professional training relating to Hytera products and solutions.

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