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Innovate for a Safer World
We believe, together with our ecosystem, we can make the world safer.
We will realize this vision through continuous innovation, dedication to customer values, and sustainable contributions to the communities where we operate.
Our Brand Promise
Respond & Achieve
Respond with Innovative Convergence: With our technology leadership and a global team of professionals, we provide a full portfolio of innovative convergence communication solutions, enabling our customers to improve connectivity and data analytics in the complex environments they work in, from daily command and control to emergency response, disaster relief, and anti-terrorism.
Achieve Customers’ Goals: Our experienced teams are proud to have supported government agencies and commercial organizations around the world facing increasingly complex and demanding communications situations to increase their situational awareness, collaboration and response rate.


About Hytera

Hytera Communications Corporation Limited (002583.SZ) is a global privately-run company headquartered in Shenzhen China. Established in 1993, Hytera, a global leading PMR solution provider, is dedicated to providing customized and complete professional communications solutions to government and public security, utility, transportation, enterprise & business to improve organizational efficiency and make the world safer.

Focused on innovation, Hytera insists that continuous high research and development (R&D) investment should be the first impetus to drive enterprise innovation. R&D investment accounts for 17% of our 2017 total revenue and 41% of our staff are R&D personnel. In addition, we have established 10 R&D centers inside and outside China, including Shenzhen, Harbin, Nanjing, Hebi, Dongguan Songshan Lake, Bart Meade Germany, Cambridge UK, Zaragoza Spain, Vancouver Canada, and Toronto centers. With over a thousand global patent applications, Hytera is China's first core unit for drafting PMR communications digital trunking standards and has become the backbone of global mainstream communications standards associations. The company is a global leading enterprise that simultaneously masters TETRA, DMR, PDT, and LTE technologies and owns mature applications. It also undertakes the R&D task of Broadband Multimedia Trunking System of National Science and Technology Major Project to develop next-generation professional network trunking communications technologies.

Hytera provides complete PMR product portfolios from analog, digital, to integrated broadband-narrowband products, including the digital radio and trunking system, smart radio and system, command and dispatch, private Internet of Things (IoT) and emergency communications, communication command vehicles, satellite communications, and smart accessories, totally seven product portfolios. Besides the Hytera brand, which is mainly designed for the PDT and DMR digital and smart integrated broadband and narrowband PMR products and solutions, we have sub brands including Sepura for TETRA medium- and high-end radios, Norsat for satellite communications, Sinclair for smart antennas, Teltronic for global public traffic TETRA PMR solutions, and HYT for analog radios.

Aimed at quality goals of China Manufacturing 2025 and Industry 4.0, cooperated with Siemens and IBM, combined with independent innovation, Hytera Shenzhen manufacturing center is a leading global smart factory that implements end-to-end information construction in warehousing, logistics, and others. In addition, Hytera Zaragoza manufacturing center is an important part of the global supply chain and dedicated to meeting customized requirements of European and American customers.

Focused on customer value, Hytera has constructed marketing and service networks globally and has more than 90 branches and professional personnel from more than 40 countries and regions in the world. We have established long-term and stable cooperative relationship with many global dealers and partners, providing PMR products and solutions for government and industry customers from more than 120 countries. In recent years, Hytera has been active in providing PMR communications support for international major activities and event security, such as the G20 summit, the BRICS summit, and Rio Olympic Games, and gained the trust of more and more government and industry customers.

Innovation Pioneer in the Professional Mobile Radio Communications Field

As a high-tech enterprise, Hytera concentrates a majority of intellectual properties, experts and technical talents in the PMR communications field. Chen Qingzhou, the CEO and chairman of Hytera, has also been encouraging innovation. He insists that only if we keep innovation, maintain technical leadership, actively participate in the formulation of international standards can we avoid being restricted by international companies.

Today, Hytera actively participates in the global technological transform and has been the dominant technical force in the development of the PMR communications in China. With the universal application of the global broadband technology, integrated broadband and narrowband has become the path we must take to develop PMR communications, in which the police wireless communications is the best choice for the practice of integrated broadband and narrowband technology.

Like many other high-tech industries, Hytera, as the leader of PMR communications, will continue to pursue technological innovation to lead the direction of industrial technology development. Hytera, through its wisdom and perseverance, is committed to researching digital communications standards and developing digital communications products, to achieve the transition from analog to digital. Now, with its strong development capability and deep industry insights, Hytera is leading the global PMR communications industry to step into the integrated broadband and narrowband era.

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