• [Video] Hytera New Multi-mode Advanced Radio PTC680
    The new multi-mode advanced radio PTC680 focuses on mission critical to provide absolutely reliable voice communication for first...
  • A Picture to Know Better about Hytera Multi-mode Radio PTC680
  • [Video] A Journey of Exploring the Hytera PoC Radio PNC550
    Hytera new generation PoC radio, PNC550 is a smart PoC radio integrating 4G smart phone and professional push-to-talk function ov...
  • Why Choose Hytera PoC Radio?
    >>PoC radio industry is booming but homogeneous competition is intensified.  With the large-scale deployment of 4G networks aroun...
  • Hytera PoC Radios and Solutions Expand Your Options for Go-everywhere Communications
    PoC technology has been rapidly developing in recent years. It not only meets end-users’ demands for traditional voice services, ...
  • What is PoC Radio?
    The coverage of public network signals is ubiquitous, and the application of smart phones greatly facilitates people’s work and l...

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