Carrying Case (for Thin Battery) LCY012

Made of leather for radio protection, it is easy to carry and flexible to wear. It can free your hands while earpiece is used.

*Soft leather makes it comfortable to wear; 
*D-type buckle and rotatable belt loop enable you to install the case easily (just by rotating the radio);
*The standard nylon shoulder strap gives you more flexibility of wearing; 
Applicable Radios: PD980;PD700;PD700R;PD700S;PD750;PD780;PT560H;PT580;PT580H;PT580H Plus
*Material: top-grain leather 
*Dimensions: 132 mm x 58 mm x 50 mm
*Weight: 146 g
*Color: black
*Operating Temperature: –25℃ to 55℃
*Supplied with: nylon shoulder strap
*Transparent window: available
*Swivel: yes

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