As a leading global provider of private network products and solutions, Hytera pays close attention to MBB technology progress and industrial development and actively promotes 4G/5G product R&D for MNO and vertical industries. Relying on its deep understanding of private network and years of experience developing communication products, Hytera has launched E2E product solutions for operators and the industrial Internet. Based on the application characteristics of MBB and Industrial Internet, Hytera's 4G/5G solution is mainly for operators and indoor coverage scenarios of Vertical Industrial, considering outdoor coverage, including 5GC/EPC/IMS, eNB/gNB, RRU, rHUB, pRRU, etc.


Independent and Controllable
The hardware architecture and software platform are all self-developed, and the core technology is mastered independently. The overall solution is oriented to operators and private network industry applications, meeting the requirements of deep indoor coverage and wide outdoor coverage.
High Integration
Hytera's 4G/5G dual mode base station has high integration, large capacity, and strong coverage. It contains a variety of product forms such as integrated, distributed, and expanded pico stations. Moreover, based on O-RAN architecture, it supports cooperation with ecosystem partners to create innovation and meet MNOs and vertical industry requirements for deep indoor coverage and outdoor high-power wide coverage.
Integration of Public and Private Network
Hytera actively develops strategic cooperation with public network operators as an operator's partner to provide industry customers with integrated network deployment. At the same time, as a leader in the private network industry, it can provide independent 4G/5G public-private integration solutions for vertical industry customers. For customers who have deployed narrowband private networks, Hytera can provide broadband and narrowband convergence solutions.

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