Sepura TETRA Digital Portable Two-way Radio


Sepura TETRA Digital Portable Two-way Radio

SC20 series hand-portable radios are resilient, intelligent and durable, providing intuitive operation and outstanding performance, even in the toughest conditions. Highly versatile using cutting-edge technology, these revolutionary broadband and applications-ready radios combine the mission critical security and advanced performance of TETRA with a second high-speed data bearer.
Broadband-ready, SC20 series next generation smart hand-portable radios are designed to tackle today’s communications challenges, and provide tomorrow’s communications solutions.
An enhanced apps capability supports interaction with a range of USB and Bluetooth-linked body-worn data accessories, and interactive access to online databases via TETRA or the second high-speed data bearer. Used in conjunction with AppSPACE the SC20 is the leading TETRA radio for application connectivity.

Glove-friendly operationLarge, tactile press-to-talk key, three side soft keys with haptics and the 'blind find' emergency button make the SC2020 and SC2024 easy to operate, even with gloved hands
Enhanced applications capabilityEnhanced SDA (apps) capability allows interaction with wired or wireless body-worn accessories such as printers, barcode readers and RFID scanners, and the creation of smart applications* that interact with back office systems to rapidly deliver intelligence and data to the user
Dustproof and waterproofIP68 certified, the SC2020 and SC2024's ergonomic non-slip case is impervious to water and continuous immersion to a depth of 2m for 60 minutes. Also allows easy cleaning in running water
Large, sunlight-visible screenIdeal for use with data-rich apps. Night mode reduces glare in low light
Unique notification barGives rapid access to favourite features, indicates missed calls and messages, and clearly shows changed states, such as speaker mute or transmit inhibit
Unique smartmenusAllow customisable presentation of features and hundreds of soft key functions
Interchangeable coloured barAllows personalisation of the radio and easy identification
sRAC connectorThe sRAC delivers loud, clear audio to drive Sepura's range of high-performance accessories. It is compatible with Sepura STP RAC-mounted accessories
Enhanced fidelityAlong with powerful 2W audio, delivers loud,clear and rich voice communication - even in the noisiest conditions
Resilient hard-capped keysResist abrasion with glove-friendly operation, enhanced by haptics
Unique water porting technologyExpels liquid, protecting the earpiece, speaker and both mics and maintaining clear communication even in heavy downpours
STP accessory re-useCompatible with all Sepura STP antennas, batteries** and RAC-based accessories. It is also compatible with Radio Manager 2 and all Sepura


Frequency Range380-430MHZ / 403-470MHZ
Dustproof & WaterproofIP68

139 X 54 X 32.5mm/139 X 54 X 38mm






Battery Life


Audio Power Output2W
RF Power OutputClass 3(2.7W)/Class 3L(1.8W)/Class 4(1W)


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