Be Inviter. Be Invitee. On Your Terms.


As we are all aware, the establishment of groups on traditional two-way radios can often be a complex process, involving intricate steps such as configuration on a PC- based management platform, ID binding, and terminal selection for grouping. Is there a simpler, more convenient way to create groups with our PoC Radios?

Check out the Hytera P30 PoC Radio's innovative invite code function!

Advantages of the Invite Code

Flexible Grouping
The invite code function of the P30 PoC Radio imposes no restrictions on group numbers, member count, or grouping distance. This provides users with a highly flexible communication experience tailored to their specific needs.

Simplified Operations
With the invite code feature, creating or joining a team takes just 5 seconds—open, obtain, and enter the invitation code, and you're good to go. These few simple steps allow users to enjoy efficient communication without the hassle.

How Can the Invite Code Benefit Your Management?

In hotel management, where multiple departments are involved, such as security, concierge, front desk, guest services, housekeeping and maintenance, valet, and catering staff, the P30 PoC Radio's invite code brings significant convenience to hotel managers. Without complex configurations, invitation codes can quickly establish groups for different tasks, enabling communication within 5 seconds and providing an efficient collaborative system for hotel management.

In municipal management, staying connected with colleagues from various work groups is crucial. During daily operations, officers often need to communicate with personnel from different departments, such as community affairs, health, education, etc. The P30 PoC Radio's invite code serves as a reliable assistant for communication between officers and personnel of other departments. By establishing cross-departmental communication groups, P30 ensures a reliable information transmission pipeline, leading to swift problem resolution.

During group outdoor activities or road trips, quickly establishing temporary groups promotes teamwork. Team members can easily contact each other, share information, discuss plans, and enhance overall team coordination. For example, in outdoor activities, sudden weather changes or accidents may occur. The P30 PoC Radio enables the rapid transmission of critical information, assisting teams in making effective responses and improving overall team safety.

With the invite code, the P30 PoC Radio not only simplifies the group-building process but also enhances flexibility, simplicity, and efficiency in communication across various scenarios. It is a powerful tool for instant communication and collaboration.

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