Exploring the Brilliance of PNC460's Screen: What Sets It Apart?


Gorilla Glass, a remarkable innovation by Corning, is an aluminum-silicon tempered glass that not only showcases exceptional strength but also boasts an environmentally friendly composition. Originating from Corning's development of bulletproof special glass in the 1960s, which found utility in helicopter applications, Gorilla Glass has since evolved to become a go-to choice for various industries.

Unrivaled Scratch Resistance
At first glance, Gorilla Glass may resemble ordinary thin glass, but it undergoes a specialized chemical treatment to enhance its durability and resistance to breakage. Its remarkable scratch-resistant properties make it highly resilient under normal circumstances, providing users with peace of mind.

Addressing Impact Resistance
While Gorilla Glass excels in scratch resistance, its impact resistance has historically been an area of improvement. However, recent advancements have paved the way for the introduction of Gorilla Glass 3.0, a touch screen technology adopted by PNC460. Utilizing NDR (Non-Deposition Residue) technology, this third-generation Corning glass offers enhanced damage resistance while reducing scratch visibility by an impressive 40% compared to its predecessor. Even in the face of damage, it showcases a remarkable 50% increase in subsequent strength compared to previous iterations.

Enhancing User Experience
One of the key advantages of Gorilla Glass lies in its incredibly smooth surface texture, making it an ideal choice for touch screen mobile devices. PNC460, equipped with a spacious 5.0-inch display, ensures an immersive viewing experience, even in direct sunlight. With more information at your fingertips, your productivity soars.

A Screen Designed for Real-World Use
In scenarios where gloves are necessary during field operations, the inability to operate the touch screen can be frustrating. Fortunately, PNC460 eliminates this concern. Whether you're wearing plastic or cotton gloves, you can effortlessly interact with the screen, seamlessly opening apps and navigating menus. Furthermore, the screen supports wet hand mode, allowing it to remain responsive even when your fingers are wet. Whether you need to search the web or capture a memorable photograph, the PNC460 offers direct access.

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