Why Are Most Two Way Radios Black?

Dec 07, 2021 By: Hytera Global twitter facebook linkedin whatsapp

Two-way Radio

1. The development of two way radios

Two way radios have been commercialized since the 1920s. Wireless two way radios are the earliest wireless mobile communication equipment used by humans. In 1936, Motorola of the United States developed the first mobile radio communication product: the "Patrolman" AM car radio receiver. in 1940, Motorola developed the first handheld two-way radio AM two way radios weighing 2.2 kg for the US Army Signal Corps, with a communication distance of 1.6 km. In 1962, Motorola introduced the first handheld wireless two way radios HT200 weighing only 935g. Because of its shape, it was called a "brick", and its size was similar to that of the early mobile phones. After nearly a century of development, the application of two way radios has become very common. The wireless two way radios are not only a professional wireless communication tool in mobile communication, but also a consumer tool with the characteristics of consumer products that can meet the needs of people's lives. However, if you travel around the world and take a look around, you may wonder that why most of the two way radios are still "black" in color?

Why Are Most Two Way Radios Black?

2. Why are the cases of two way radio always in black colour?

(1)  High technology and bright black color are a natural combination, which conforms to social psychology. According to Darwin's theory of evolution, people are always in awe of the night. Black represents the unknown, and the exploration is endless. The colors used in many technological products, such as televisions, cameras, and instruments, are mostly black. Black is synonymous with words such as nobility, stability, and technology.

(2) Black is a fashionable and all-match color. Regardless of gender, no matter what clothes you wear today, a black two way radios can always match your way of dressing.

(3) Black has a sense of authority. The people who first used two way radios were mostly the guardians responsible for national order and public safety. Their dress, posture, speech, etc., reflected their majesty. Therefore, it is more appropriate to use black to convey seriousness and authority.

(4) Black represents the vitality and energy. And most of the people who use the two way radios are men. The black color brings out the great spirit and competence of users. Of course, women can also be equipped with two way radios, which can also highlight their temperament. On many occasions, the two way radios are like a weapon in the hands of a bodyguard, and itis part of the standard equipment.

With the development of society, everything is changing. In order to display styles and show individuality, some companies have manufactured colorful two way radios, but the most classic and popular color for two way radios is still black.