Why PT590 TETRA Portable Radio Has Better Coverage?

Nov 17, 2023 By: Hytera Global twitter facebook linkedin whatsapp

Two-way Radio

Whether you're ensuring public safety, venturing into rough terrain, or organizing a large event, two-way radios are powerful devices to keep you connected with other fellows as a team. The Hytera PT590 is a mission-critical TETRA portable radio designed to overcome the challenges you face and help you extend your communication range.

Why PT590 TETRA Portable Radio Has Better Coverage?


Let's explore why PT590's coverage is expanded and larger than its predecessor model, and learn how the latest TETRA radio brings unparalleled communication power to your operation.

3W Transmission Capability: The PT590 boasts an impressive 3W transmission power, surpassing many peers in the market, enabling its signals to reach farther distances. Whether working in densely populated urban environments or conducting patrols at remote sites, PT590's high RF power ensures clear and reliable calls.

Why PT590 TETRA Portable Radio Has Better Coverage?


-120dBm Sensitivity: With a remarkable -120dBm sensitivity, the PT590 maintains communication even in challenging environments with weaker signals or with interference. Whether deep within concrete buildings or mountainous areas, PT590's outstanding sensitivity helps you stay connected even at the edge of system’s coverage.

Why PT590 TETRA Portable Radio Has Better Coverage?

Algorithm against Multipath Interference: Multipath interference caused by signal reflections from buildings, terrains, or other obstacles can impede effective communication. Hytera PT590 utilizes advanced anti-multipath-interference algorithm to ensure seamless and stable voice transmission and reception, regardless of the environmental challenges. By reducing the impact of multipath interference, this radio offers reliable and clear communication, making it a perfect fit for various industries.

The Hytera PT590 TETRA stands out as an exceptional communication device with an extensive coverage range. Its excellence in transmission power, sensitivity, frequency range, and anti-interference algorithm contribute to its outstanding performance. With the PT590, you can push-to-talk confidently over longer distances and maintain clear and uninterrupted conversations.

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