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PT590 Mission Critical TETRA Portable Radio inherited all the functionalities from Hytera’s first-generation TETRA radio and added lots of new features. With innovative audio technology, best-in-class RF performance, and dual frequency GNSS, PT590 has better voice quality, wider communication coverage, and more accurate positioning, ensuring mission-critical communications at all times. PT590 also ensures incredible ease of use for your workers in the field thanks to its ergonomic design, professional USB Type-C port, remote radio management capability, interoperability with accessories and voice control.

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Superior Audio Quality

PT590 equips a powerful loudspeaker which has an innovative acoustic cavity design and a large acoustic aperture for 106 phons of audio loudness. It can help users to hear clear sounds even in a noisy environment. Water porting technology is also used to drain out any water that gets into the speaker cavity, ensuring the audio clarity is maintained. AI-based noise cancellation technology can decrease 30dB background noise and howling. No matter what noise environment the calling party is in, it ensures that the called party hears a clear sound.
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Extended Radio Range

The PT590 is trustworthy when your personnel take it and go out for work. With sustained and stable Class 3 (3 W) transmitting power and industry-leading receiving sensitivity (–120 dBm), the PT590 provides stable communications without losing any information even at a distance or in the edge area. Your personnel always keep connected anywhere and anytime.
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Accurate Positioning

The PT590 applies dual-frequency positioning technology unprecedentedly. By receiving and processing satellite signals in two frequency bands at the same time, it effectively compensates and corrects the signal distortion that occurs after the satellite signal passes through the atmosphere. As a result, the PT590 positioning accuracy is improved to an industry-leading level—within 1 meter.
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Better User Friendliness

Delightfully light and surprisingly slim, this radio is just 285 g in weight and 31 mm in depth. It is easy to carry all day long and comfortable to operate with one hand. The large, textured PTT button and the independent four navigation keys are more finger-friendly. The three programmable buttons can be optionally set as quick access to frequently used features with a single press. The 2.4-inch LCD screen of the PT590 is semi-transparent and semi-reflective, ensuring clear readability in direct sunlight and reducing eye strain. The PT590 abandons the traditional list-style menu and has a new friendly UI design. The 9-grid menu design helps your personnel get immediate access to the function.
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Long Lasting Battery

The 2,000 mAh Li-polymer battery, together with the innovative low power consumption technology, can last up to 22 hours on the 5-5-90 duty cycle. In addition to the traditional charging contacts, the PT590 has an extra USB Type-C port which allows the radio to be charged with mains power or even the power bank anywhere and anytime. The 18 W fast charging can fully charge the PT590 in only 1.5 hours. Even just a 30-minute quick charge can give the PT590 at least 10 hours power for unexpected long shift.
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Control Your Radio on Voice*

We introduced the voice command in the PT590 for the first time. This function supports group call, talk group change, and function switch like turning on BT or location service. So users just stay focused on what they're doing, while making the voice-initiated call. *For future release.
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Professional USB Type-C Port

Besides the charging function, this USB Type-C port provides programming and upgrading functions as well. This unique design brings you unprecedented convenience especially when no programming cable is available at hand. To ensure the reliability of this port, advanced nano-coating technology is adopted to protect the internal structure from corrosion and oxidation. This helps ensure a stable connection after a long time of use.
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PT590 Mission Critical TETRA Portable Radio Video


Specifications of PT590

Frequency Range Fv: 380-475 MHz
Dimensions (H×W×D) mm 125 x 55 x 31 mm
Weight 285 g
Operating Voltage 7.7 V
Battery 2000mAh
Battery Life (TMO 5/5/90 duty cycle) >22 hours
User Interface
Display 2.4 inch, 320*240 pixels, 262K colors
Talk Group-TMO 12000
Talk Group-DMO 6000
Telephone book 2000
Inbox ≤550
Outbox ≤550
Drafts ≤550
Folder-TMO 200
Folder-DMO 50
State Message 200

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