How to collaborate with your teammates in a more secure way?


Protecting your data with multi-layer security mechanism is necessary while collaborating with your partners. The exponential growth of datasets has resulted in growing demand for data security—both from a user data privacy and compliance perspective. In this context, Hytera provides reliable and secure communication solutions for industry users, among which, the PNC560 XSecure Rugged Device guarantees users' data security with multi-layer security mechanism.

What is different about PNC560’s multi-layer security mechanism? PNC560 integrates both hardware & software design and management platform to provide comprehensive & adequate data protection on the device.

Software security mechanism

Secure Boot works like a security gate. When the PNC560 starts, the firmware checks the signature of each piece of boot software. If the signatures are valid, the PNC560 boots, and the firmware gives control to the operating system. When enabled and fully configured, Secure Boot helps PNC560 resist attacks and infection from malware. Meanwhile, with Dual domains, the PNC560 enables you to use it for both work and personal needs but fully separate the two, so as to protect your privacy better. What can the Safebox do for you? Safebox provides a secure space for your videos, pictures, or other files, and authentication is required on every access.

Innovative new hardware

You can unlock the PNC560 with your face or fingerprint, ensuring that personal data remains inaccessible if the device is lost or stolen. Our security measures ensure your documents are secure no matter who gets the terminal.

The PNC560 supports smart detection on unauthorized hardware disassembling. The device will automatically restore the system and erase user data once detected, which prevents implantation of malicious hardware like a tracker or tapping device, providing utmost system and data protection.

Admin and management 

Hytera MDM platform provides: device remote monitor and management, security policy remote deployment, device function control and status monitoring, APP management and firmware upgrade, device remote kill or revives, data remote erasing on demand, etc, tailoring the most secured asset & data management for your organization. Hytera MDM platform provides all-around security features to safeguard your PNC560 and data.

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