Hytera Multi-mode Advanced Radio Series to Promote Smart Transformation of Public Safety


Leveraging its profound knowledge of the private communications industry, Hytera has offered various private network devices & rapid, secure, and reliable voice and short data communications for customers in the public safety industry. As the integration of voice and data, the collaboration of private and public networks, and the interconnection of broadband and narrowband become the mainstream trend of mission-critical communication development, Hytera launched the latest multi-mode advanced radio PTC680 to cope with the new dynamics of the market.

For users in the public safety industry, the instantaneous transmission of information enables decision-makers to make rapid deployment at a crucial moment, so as to ensure the safety of front-line personnel and the efficient completion of tasks. In that case, stable and reliable voice communication is still the core service, while in some scenarios, front-line personnel can concentrate more on carrying out their tasks by means of texts, images, or videos and better safeguard mission-critical communications with the help of industry-leading broadband communications platform.

Critical Mission-Centered Multi-mode Advanced Radio with Broadband and Narrowband Convergence

PTC680 highlights mission-critical communications. It enables users to experience rapid, secure, and stable voice communications. PTC680 is perfectly compatible with ETSI-based TETRA trunking standard and provides the cutting-edge narrowband trunking services in the industry, such as group call, broadcast call, DGNA, packet data, authentication, over-the-air-encryption, and end-to-end encryption, fully meeting user requirements on mission-critical communications. In addition, PTC680 provides broadband trunking voice services based on both public and private networks. It not only expands the communication range, but also makes the best use of the diverse narrowband and broadband infrastructures related to public safety, meeting industry customers’ growing demands for broadband services and providing multiple broadband data services, such as video call, video upload, and real-time recording. Based on Hytera’s self-developed private network trunking communication platform, PTC680 enables customers to communicate over the deeply converged broadband and narrowband network and provides the industry-leading end-to-end encryption solutions for secure communication.

Multi-Scenario Solutions

Hytera has been always devoted to technology R&D and market development, and gained extensive experience. It can adapt to the communication demands of customers in the public safety industry in the new era, and work out multi-scenario solutions in line with customer needs.

The traffic police face great challenges in keeping the security of respective responsible areas. PTC680, as a professional communication device, would be a great help for them, providing better communication security. For blind zones without TETRA signals, it automatically switches between the private network and the public network to keep real-time communications with other narrowband and broadband devices, ensuring that the traffic police can work properly. The advanced sensorless switching mechanism can ensure real-time mission-critical communications, and users do not need to manually change devices or switch networks. PTC680 features deep broadband and narrowband convergence. Users can dial the same number over the broadband and narrowband networks, which makes PTC680 easy to operate, enabling faster and more accurate one-touch voice call and unified & effective management.

Hytera supplies advanced motorcycle communication solutions including multi-mode advanced radios, helmet headphones, and wireless ring PTT, which ensures complete and reliable mobile communication for troopers. In case of emergency, the HD camera of PTC680 takes photos to collect site information and immediately sends the information back to the command center to help the dispatcher accurately identify the site condition and quickly make a critical decision.

Additionally, PTC680 can provide support for security of major events. In joint command operations, it co-works with the broadband trunking communication system to implement fast uploading and downloading of videos and complex multi-media scheduling services, greatly improving the efficiency of the on-site security activities. For swats on special missions, PTC680 with the portable camera, can collect and transmit real-time videos to facilitate command and control.

In daily patrol, the command center cannot position front-line personnel precisely, especially when they enter complex buildings and the signals of common devices are unstable. Equipped with GPS, BDS, Galileo, GLONASS and QZSS and with the help of base stations or the WiFi positioning technology, PTC680 can seamlessly switch between indoor and outdoor areas to achieve continuous tracing and recording of front-line personnel in all areas. When users are in open area, the command center can position them quickly and accurately; while moving to indoor areas, the command center can also trace them continuously by means of base stations or the WiFi positioning technology.

Hytera has been always focusing on independent innovation to fulfill customer demands and constantly create innovative products and applications for industry customers. Recognized by both the market and the users, Hytera multi-mode advanced radios have been widely applied in the public safety, airport, electric power, and energy industries, continuously creating great value for customers. At the ICCA2019, held in Malaysia, Hytera first multi-mode advanced radio PTC760 was awarded "Best New LTE or Hybrid Device" for excellent product innovation design and broadband and narrowband application.

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