What is Mission Critical Communications?

Based on 3GPP standards, Hytera's mission-critical communications, applications, and terminals provide enriched, secure, and future-proof 4G/5G mission-critical broadband services. Together with the Mobile Network Operators (MNOs), we empower the digital transformation for the mission-critical and business-critical communications users.

Public Safety (PS) agencies around the world, especially first responders such as police, firefighters, and medical services, rely on critical communications to respond to emergencies and need to ensure that communications networks should work when they need it most. While traditional narrowband technologies such as TETRA, DMR, and PDT have been capable of meeting PS agencies' voice-centric communication requirements, their broadband application capabilities are limited. 

Critical communications are transitioning to digital and broadband technologies. The development of new technologies and the shift in business trends towards data means that public safety, transportation, and utility users now demand more than voice and messaging services. They need new capabilities to improve situational awareness and operational efficiency. Video, high-speed data transmission, and multimedia dispatch are essential to enhance daily operations.

Therefore, 3GPP has introduced MCX (MCPTT, MCVideo, MCData) standards based on LTE technology. Mission critical communications initially focused on the public safety industry. Still, there is also strong interest in deploying MCX-based services in rail, mining, power grid, and any industry that requires reliable critical communications.

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Hytera Mission Critical Communications

Hytera HyTalk MC solution, a mission critical communication system over public or private LTE networks based on 3GPP standard, is designed to deliver reliable and secure communication services, including MCPTT, MCVideo, MCData, as well as unified visualized dispatching services to all the vertical industries.

  • Standard


    Hytera HyTalk MC solution bases on open 3GPP standards and is backed by a vast and mature industrial supply chain. This avoids vendor lock-in for both the mobile operator and the MC user, which supports a wide selection of vendors offering more cost-effective pricing.

  • QoS


    Hytera HyTalk MC supports Quality of Service (QoS). The QoS guarantees on the services of the MCPTT platform provider and the mobile operator's network. Dedicated QCIs guarantee MC services from end to end.

  • Security


    Hytera HyTalk MC solution provides high levels of security and reliability. It supports standard AES 256 encryption and end-to-end hardware encryption using a customizable algorithm.

  • LMR / LTE Interoperability

    LMR / LTE Interoperability

    Hytera HyTalk MC supports interworking with PSTN and PMR networks to extend coverage and reduce communication costs through related gateways. The PS agencies can use Hytera HyTalk MC to connect LTE PTT users with existing LMR users.

MC Services System

MC Services System

Hytera HyTalk MC solution includes server and application (called MCC), NMS server/client to fulfill group, and user management. MCS supports interconnection with legacy PMR systems and PSTN networks.


Hytera provides a variety of applications, including the unified & visual dispatching system, smart mobile device management systems, multimedia recording & playback system, and more.


Hytera provides eNodeB and EPC with carrier-class capacity, and performance. Critical users can choose three forms of the macro station, iBS, and rapid deployment system to meet various network construction needs.


Hytera can provide a variety of terminals, including dual-mode rugged Radio, Rugged MCS Radio, and 5G MCX Device.
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Hytera MCS HyTalk MC Solution VideoHytera MCS HyTalk MC Solution Video
Hytera MCS HyTalk MC Solution Video


Hytera MCS HyTalk MC Solution Video


Mission Critical Communications for Industries

  • Public Safety

    Public Safety

    Whether it's a fire, earthquake, hazardous spill, or any emergency, public safety users can rely on the Hytera HyTalk MC to get mission critical communication and interact flawlessly.  

  • Railway


    Hytera HyTalk MC complies with the 3GPP FRMCS requirements framework. The HyTalk MC, integrated with Hytera's broadband train dispatch products, enables high-speed wireless voice and data communication.

  • Power Grid

    Power Grid

    Hytera HyTalk MC enables power grid operators to securely connect field workers with real-time mission critical communications, including MCPTT, MCData and MCVideo services collaboration across any network.

  • Mining


    Hytera HyTalk MC solution delivers push-to-talk with voice & data instantly connects people, APPs, and vehicles for safer and more efficient operations in the field or during transport.

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