Tips for Purchasing Walkie Talkies


What is the walkie talkie

Walkie talkie is a two-way mobile communication device for people to talk without any network support. Walkie talkie is also called two-way radio in some countries.The use of walkie talkies does not require carrier charges from operators and is suitable for relatively fixed and frequent calls. The walkie talkie can be taken not only as a terminal device for trunking communications but also as a professional wireless communication device in mobile communication. It is not restricted by the network and the users can communicate freely even without the network.

The purchase of walkie talkies

1. The functions of walkie talkies. There are three main types of walkie talkies: digital walkie talkies, multi-mode walkie talkies, and public network walkie talkies. The functions and emphases of these walkie talkies and are different, which are as follows. The digital walkie talkie has strong anti-interference ability, high confidentiality, and narrower channel bandwidth; multi-mode walkie talkies integrate voice, data, video, and other functions; the public network walkie talkie can expand the communication range to the whole country and even the world via the LTE network.

2. The industry's demand for walkie talkies: Public security emphasizes command and dispatch capabilities, so trunking walkie talkies are generally applied. public utility industry requires taking pictures and work orders, so multi-mode walkie talkies or public network walkie talkies are needed. Most industrial and commercial groups have voice communication needs, so digital walkie talkies are applied. If there is a need for long-distance communication, use the public network walkie talkies (PoC) (digital walkie talkies are generally for outdoor adventures since the public network is poor in rural areas.

3. The quality of walkie talkies: There are also many brands of walkie talkies. Big brands have been deeply involved in the industry for many years, leading in technologies, and more secure in quality control. As China's first professional communications technologies and solutions brand, Hytera represents the technological innovation power of PMR industry. Moreover, in China, Hytera has a large market share among local brands, so which is a well-deserved first choice.

In addition, other details such as cost fees. Low-power walkie talkies do not need to apply for frequency points, and there is no charge. The communication distance also affects the choose of walkie talkies. If the communication distance is long, use high-power walkie talkies, repeaters, public network walkie talkies, or even build a base station, last but not least, the battery life is also an important consideration when choosingthe walkie talkie.

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