Hear Crystal Clear Voice with TETRA Portable Radio PT590


In high-pressure situations on the front line of public safety emergencies, where unpredictable situations require clarity, mission-critical communication is paramount. Similarly, in business-critical scenarios like airports or harbors, clear and reliable communication with colleagues is essential to ensure productivity and workplace safety. However, regular two-way radios often struggle to overcome ambient noise, hindering crucial information transmission and often leading to mistakes or worse.

Hytera's PT590 TETRA radio, a mission-critical TETRA portable radio, addresses these challenges with its advanced audio technology and exceptional performance. Ideal for public safety, transportation, sports events, and various industrial sites, the PT590 TETRA radio ensures timely responsiveness and decisive action from your personnel.

The PT590 excels in delivering clearer and louder voice communication thanks to leading features as follows.

Powerful Audio Output

Equipped with a powerful speaker, the PT590 TETRA radio guarantees audibility even in the midst of noisy crowds, machinery, or heavy traffic. Its unique sound hole design, high-sensitivity speaker, and innovative cavity enable an impressive audio loudness of up to 106 Phons, ensuring that critical information is conveyed clearly.

Intelligent Noise Filtering and AI Noise Cancellation

The PT590 TETRA radio effectively filters out interference signals and ambient noise, facilitating crystal-clear voice calls. Employing an advanced AI-based noise reduction algorithm, it ensures exceptional stability and reduces howling noise instantly within a mere 20ms, achieving an outstanding noise isolation effect of up to 30dB. This capability proves invaluable in discerning crucial sounds amidst the onsite, guaranteeing uninterrupted and high-quality communication for you and your team.

Efficient Feedback Suppression

When two radios are physically too close to each other, it is often to have feedback and voice distortion issues. The PT590 TETRA radio incorporates an innovative sound feedback suppression algorithm, eliminating the adverse effects of feedback. This breakthrough feature enables you to focus on your tasks without the need for constant volume adjustments or post-feedback suppression measures, ultimately enhancing efficiency and productivity.

The exceptional audio performance of the Hytera PT590 TETRA radio ensures an unparalleled communication experience characterized by clarity, amplification, and superior sound quality. It empowers users to work efficiently, enabling a seamless focus on critical missions.

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