Accelerate your efficiency with PoC Radio


Imagine you are the manager of a large shopping mall with 1000 employees in three districts, each occupying 1000 square meters. On a daily basis, employees need to communicate with others about the arrival of materials, security status and emergency every day. Unfortunately, analog walkie-talkies are only capable of voice communication, so information cannot flow freely between teams and functions, affecting productivity and work efficiency.

What’s the problem?

Analog walkie-talkies cannot support diverse business needs. There is no cross-regional communication between the three shopping malls, which makes staff scheduling very difficult. The communication mode of analog intercom is single, only relying on voice to transmit information. But today’s businesses need powerful and secure networks to support their evolving voice, video and data needs.

Can we address it?

Hytera  provides one button instant group communication over the global cellular network. Push-to-Talk over Cellular (PoC) provides two-way radio services over 3G, and LTE technology, creating a worldwide radio network that utilizes the cellular infrastructure of Mobile Network Operators. Through Hytera POC solution, you can realize business management and control in different countries and regions, and process them according to the actual situation to improve work efficiency.

PoC Radios  bring productivity and efficiency to your workforce. you can connect with your team anytime, anywhere. Equipped with services like instant individual and group call, multimedia sharing including text, picture and video, real-time tracking and flexible dispatching center, Hytera PoC radios, like PNC360S, PNC380 , PNC550 , etc., will optimize collaboration and increase safety and convenience for your team.

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