What is PoC

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    One button instant group communication over the global cellular network

    The Push-to-Talk over Cellular (PoC) provides instant group calls, command and dispatch services over 3G, 4G, and WLAN networks.

    Thanks to the existing 3G and 4G network, you can enjoy worldwide coverage and seamless communication to maximize efficiency with low start-up cost. Thus PoC has been more and more popular among all walks of users.

Why PoC

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    · No spectrum required

    PoC leverages existing cellular and WLAN networks. Traditional radio spectrum investment is not required.

    · No investment in the costly radio network infrastructure

    Existing cellular and WLAN networks provide instant nationwide communications, without having to build the infrastructure.

    · Versatile video and data services

    PoC solution can provide you with not only voice calls, but also videos calls, multimedia messages, video dispatch, etc.

Why not Smartphone

Compared with a smartphone, a dedicated Hytera PoC radio has the following advantages, which makes it irreplaceable.

Faster and Easier Experience

Dedicated PTT button, initiate instant one-to-many group call by pressing the PTT button.

Louder and Clearer Audio

2 W professional speaker and large sound cavity so that we can hear every word clearly in noisy environments.

More Reliable and Durable

Withstand drops in harsh environments and after the PoC radio is immersed in 1 meter deep water for at least 30 minutes it can still work normally.

Where Do We Use PoC Radios?

  • Property Management

    Property Management

  • Transportation


  • Park Management

    Park Management

  • Energy


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Group and Private Calls
Group and Private Calls
Stay connected and informed when every second counts
Loud and Clear Audio
Loud and Clear Audio
The radio equips an optimized powerful loudspeaker that can help users to hear clear sounds even in a noisy environment.
Video Streaming
Video Streaming
Radio supports rich multimedia services to industrial users, from voice-centric to multimedia capabilities.
With various combination of GPS, BDS, GLONASS, and Galileo and higher-precision positioning module, radio can be located faster and more precise.
Long Battery Life
Long Battery Life
The battery offers over 24 hours of talk and standby time on a 5-5-90 duty cycle and can be charged conveniently when you work outside.
Rugged Design
Rugged Design
Radio is exceptionally resistant to water and dust. It also stands up to 1.2/1.5-meter drop and extreme temperatures from –20°C to +60°C.
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