How Accurate a TETRA Radio’s Positioning Can Be?


Tracking team members in challenging environments, such as dense forests or remote off-grid areas, can be a daunting task. Regular two-way radios often face obstacles that result in slow and inaccurate positioning, making it hard to immediately know where are the team members. If you're seeking a solution to achieve precise positioning, the Hytera PT590 TETRA radio is a great option aside from its powerful communications features. It comes with cutting-edge features that ensure reliable positioning and seamless communication during critical situations.

Pinpoint Accuracy 

Dual-Frequency Positioning

Hytera PT590 has achieved an unprecedented breakthrough with its dual-frequency positioning technology. By simultaneously receiving and processing satellite signals in two frequency bands, the PT590 effectively compensates for signal distortion caused by atmospheric interference, ensuring highly accurate positioning. The PT590 shares your location with other users in your organization, allowing them to visualize your position on a map and make sure you are in the right area.

Accuracy Down to 1 Meter

Through meticulous research and development by the Hytera team, the PT590 employs a powerful chip to achieve a remarkable positioning accuracy down to 1 meter. This industry-leading feature equips public safety personnel with high-accuracy and high-efficiency positioning capabilities for critical missions, providing a comprehensive and accurate overview of any scenario. It greatly enhances personnel safety, especially when they are away from immediate support.

Rapid Positioning 

4-GNSS and 7-Frequency 

With its 4-GNSS and 7-Frequency technology, the Hytera PT590 integrates GPS, Beidou, GLONASS, and Galileo global navigation satellite systems. This integration allows it to receive signals from a greater number of satellites, resulting in faster and more accurate positioning. It facilitates efficient tracking even in challenging environments, enabling rapid responses during emergency situations.

Integration with Command & Control Software
The synergy between the PT590 radio and Hytera's PUC software enables accurate locations displayed on the map, facilitating faster actions and responses. The command & control system utilizes personnel location information for targeted calls and seamless coordination among team members during public safety operations.

The Hytera PT590 TETRA radio offers all of these features as part of a highly effective, versatile solution for your team. It excels in providing optimal security in diverse, challenging scenarios while enhancing overall efficiency. Elevate your location and tracking capabilities, enabling rapid emergency responses and streamlined coordination during critical operations. Discover the power of the PT590 TETRA radio for enhanced performance in demanding situations.

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