Korea Electric Power Corporation (Kepco), as the only state-owned power company in South Korea, was established in 1898 with more than 22,000 staff in total and an annual turnover of $87 billion.
Kepco is committed to developing electric power resource. Taking electricity transmission, distribution and sales as its main businesses, Kepco contributes a lot to the development of Korean economy with stable electricity production and supply. The company serves not only Korean customers, but also global ones with the establishment of overseas offices in Beijing, Hong Kong, Paris, New York and so on.


Korea Electric Power Corporation

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TETRA low power & high power data
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Customer Requirements

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    With various systems like SCADA, DAS, ARM and DTMS, Kepco monitors and controls on-site equipments to deliver functions such as data acquisition, equipment control, measurement, configuration and signal alarm so as to construct a smart digital grid. At the same time, a TETRA communications network, the largest one in Korea, was established by Kepco to ensure timely, secure and effective data transmission. 107 stations have been set up so far to support the transmission of data in the electric system.

  • Kepco hopes, in the course of transmission, that the TETRA MODEM could be used as the medium to transmit various high-capacity data to the control center timely, effectively, and safely; and the requirements for this are as follows:

    1. SDS and PD are mainly used to transmit the data of different electric systems.

    2. The products should work under stable performance for a long period of time due to the data is for electric power network real time monitoring.

    3. High timeliness is required as a result of the two-way transmission of data. If the data feedback is not processed in time, the data will be re-transmitted, which shall break the data transmission order and lead to errors like data loss.

    4. The devices are required to be integrated with the electric equipments for the purpose of better deployment and implementation.

    5. Need high power data transmission equipment to ensure the signal coverage.

The Solution

According to the detailed analysis of the customer's requirements, Hytera proposed a professional wireless communications solution for the project.

1. Address customer's requirements on software/hardware applications.

When the MODEM is to be used in electric system, the primary challenge is its compatibility with data format and electric equipments. HOMINTECH, Hytera dealer in Korea and also the supplier of electric communication device PAD, had improved the PAD product to make it compatible with Hytera MODEM products, thus the hardware compatibility had been realized.

Morever, Hytera, in collaboration with HOMINTECH, solved the problem of rapid response and stable data transmission for the client by optimizing the SDS and PD process after many tests and discussions.

2. Efficient and stable device with excellent performance to guarantee system operation.

The data transmission solution offered by Hytera to Kepco has passed strict tests and trials. It can respond rapidly to the requirements of data scheduling and process the various complicated data transmissions in a safe and stable manner. Thus, the monitoring and control of on-site equipments can be ensured, which provides a stable and effective platform for data acquisition, equipment control, measurement, configuration and alarm for the vast array of different signals.

3. Providing 10W TETRA high power data transmission equipment to enhance coverage 

The places where the two base stations at a longer distance which the exsiting 3W low power transmission equipment cannot cover, their signal levels are degraded.

In 2020, Hytera has provided its latest and exclusive TETRA 10W high power transmission equipment to KEPCO for improving signal strength and ensuring the connection without any blind spots.

4. Rapid response and first-class service has earned customer's trust.

During the development and implementation of the entire project, Hytera has always responded timely to the requirements from customer in each phase and considered more ahead of the customer from R&D to service.

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