Emergency Communication Solution


Industry Challenges

Ineffective communication is often the weak link tied to ineffective emergency management operations.  In addition to communicating with those you're responsible for protecting, it includes exchanges with all members of the response team, dialogue with staff, third party emergency services and agencies, security personnel, and others immediately or indirectly affected by the emergency incident. In a time of crisis like flood, forest fire, earthquake or other geological disaster, we are facing the worst case scenario, no power, no public network, no roads, and the fast movement of fire lines, all requires easy moving, fast deploy communication for responders. 


Fast and easy deploy solutions with multiple communication methods covering space, sky, and ground , which is organized for the primary purpose of supporting communication and command of emergency information between both individuals and groups of individuals, helping end user prepare better, respond faster, and communicate more effectively before, during and after emergencies.

Core Values

Fast Deploy
Fast Deploy
On-site Command
On-site Command
Multiple Solution Integration
Multiple Solution Integration


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