What can Hytera do for you to better control the scene of a mega event


2020 is a big year for sports. Important sports events such as the Olympic Games, European Football Championship and World Cup Qualifiers lie in store.

Globalized development has become a trend. More and more large global, intercontinental and national events are held every year. Innovative communication technologies play an increasingly prominent role in ensuring security at mega events. However, in face of security requirements for mega events, traditional communication technologies are facing great challenges. How to organize events in an orderly manner, maintain order on site, guarantee smooth and orderly processes and quickly respond to any accidents… Of these requirements, using communication technology to realize smooth communication inside and outside the event site becomes key in ensuring security at mega events.

Three challenges in guaranteeing communication for security at large events

Challenge 1 Heavy task and high requirements

National or global large conferences, artistic performances, celebrations or sports events will gather thousands, tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of people in an area and may involve leaders from countries around the world. It causes great international and social influence. The security assurance requirements reach an unprecedented height and the entire communication network should be ready anytime and anywhere without any risk. The system is required to provide multiple levels of guarantee and fully respond to any emergency. The requirement close to “zero error” is put forward for communication guarantee in security assurance for large events.

Challenge 2 Short duration of the event

A mega event usually lasts for several days or weeks. It is relative short. A mega event always requires a temporarily solution that supports quick deployment and convenient installation and uninstallation.

Challenge 3Lack of bandwidth and on-site information

Ensuring the security at a mega event requires real-time multimedia communication guarantees at the event site and roads around the site, including HD video surveillance and video conferences. However, traditional security work usually does dispatching and accident reporting only via narrowband voice intercom. Less information can be obtained as it is short of live on-site video as well as photos and images. It is difficult to make accurate judgments as quickly as possible.

Hytera's mega event security solution will help customers set up smooth communication at mega events

In face of challenges in providing communication at mega events, Hytera can provide portable base stations to set up the broadband and narrowband ad-hoc network. The solution effectively solves the issue of communication between security personnel on site and communication of the command center and guarantees that the event can be carried out smoothly. Main benefits are listed as below:


The solution provides an all-round communication network featuring professional reliability, flexible networking, fast deployment and broadband and narrowband convergence, and meets requirements in scenarios such as indoor and outdoor security assurance, security for very important persons and emergency response. 

For security assurance at mega events, Hytera provides communication equipment that uses innovative wireless ad-hoc network technology. The equipment features portability, fast communication, flexible networking, dynamic network topology, broadband and narrowband convergence, realizes seamless integration of a wired network and provides large coverage. The equipment is easy and convenient to use. The system capacity is large; key voice services guarantee transmission in preference; the private network is used for special purpose; and security level is high. The equipment can meet communication guarantee requirements in scenarios such as indoor and outdoor security assurance, security for very important persons and emergency response.

For example, in the aspect of narrowband ad-hoc network, in scenarios such as security for very important persons or prisoner escort on the expressway, Where there is poor signal coverage of main PMR network or a dedicated communication network is required, E-pack ad-hoc repeater can set up a temporary network with mere battery button press-on via auto networking. Due to auto-networking and self-organizing features, the networking structure is adjusted dynamically to guarantee smooth communication. The fleet interconnects with the station command center via a GSM link to communicate on the progress and the station deploys command and dispatch software to realize command and dispatch for the fleet. In the aspect of broadband ad-hoc network, at large group events and important conferences, real-time multimedia communication guarantees shall be provided for the event sites and roads around the sites, including HD video surveillance and video conferences. For the infrastructure at event sites, not all sites are provided with optical fibers to guarantee information backhaul. Hytera iMesh broadband ad-hoc network devices can be used to establish a broadband wireless ad-hoc network to transmit video and data of all nodes back to the command center. Up to 60 Mbit/s throughput and 4K HD video service are supported.


The solution provides efficient and intelligent command and dispatching. The front-line security personnel, on-site command and dispatch center officer, and rear command and dispatching center officer communicate seamlessly.

In Hytera's mega event solution, the emergency command vehicle is deployed on the periphery of the large venue as the mobile command and dispatch center. It receives site information from mobile police cars and provides command and dispatching on site. The on-site command and dispatching center deploys a unified command and dispatching platform (PUC) and integrates the core network, network management system and vehicle-mounted broadband ad-hoc network devices. The mobile command center transmits site information back to the rear command and dispatching center via microwave, satellite or 4G public network.

Equipped with multi-mode advanced radios, front-line security personnel communicate with the outside by means of voice services via voice ad-hoc network and connect to iMesh portable radios via Wi-Fi to transmit video and data back to mobile police cars. 4G private network base stations can be deployed near the mobile police cars and field surveillance dome cameras and LTE terminals can be connected to 4G private network base stations to transmit on-site surveillance video signals to the mobile police cars. The mobile police cars also carry iMesh vehicle radios as information transmission nodes, which transmit collected video data to the mobile command and dispatching center via iMesh links.

Rich practical experience

Relying on more than 20 years of industry experience in private networks, Hytera has participated in communication guarantees for large Chinese and international events many times.

For example, Hytera successfully provided communication guarantees for the APEC Summit held in Papua New Guinea in 2018 by using its emergency ad-hoc solution; Hytera successfully provided communication guarantees for the national election of Cambodia in 2018; during the G20 Summit held in Hangzhou in 2016, Hytera provided a communication guarantee service of the highest level for ensuring the security of more than 30 heads of states and officials from international organizations; during the BRICS Summit held in Xiamen in 2017, Hytera built a global security three-dimensional communication network of the highest security level to provide highly stable and reliable communication guarantees from core areas of the Summit to inside and outside Xiamen Island and nearby seas.

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