Remote Monitor

Oil and gas pipelines come with their risks. Relying on humans for regular inspection and monitoring, it is often difficult evaluate the pipeline's working status in real time and identify failures during troubleshooting.

Our oil and gas monitoring solution takes advantage of advanced technology and Internet of Things (IoT) strength. Hytera provides the oil and gas pipeline monitoring solution that takes advantage of the advanced digital communication technology and Internet of Things (IoT) interconnection. A variety of IoT sensors are deployed along the pipeline to monitor the status of the pipeline. The data from these sensors can be transmitted to the Hytera SCADA module. Through the DMR or TETRA network, the SCADA module sends such data to the monitoring center. This technology solves any wiring issues, along with the high transmission costs associated with deploying wired monitoring networks.

For oil and gas pipelines with optical fiber or microwave transmission links, Hytera provides a solution based on LTE broadband networks. This solution comprises video surveillance equipment deployed along the pipeline to transmit real-time surveillance images from the camera to the control center. Workers along the pipelines can also use the LTE smart devices to deal with work order, electronic inspection, and other mobile office services, which greatly improves work efficiency.

Simple Deployment

Hytera SCADA effectively reuses the existing DMR or TETRA communication network, simplifying the deployment and reducing costs.

Safe Transmission

Hytera SCADA supports end-to-end encryption, data monitoring and retransmission, load balancing and other technologies, effectively securing of data transmission along the oil and gas pipelines.

Efficient Services

Ensuring oil pipelines are operating as expected can be a difficult job. Our video surveillance and mobile office solution, based on broadband LTE networks, offers an easy way to keep track of the pipeline status, improving the work efficiency of pipeline operators.

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