Industrial Park Security

Safety and security are a top priority for oil refineries and chemical companies. Strict safety measures must be taken to prevent unauthorized access. Hytera’s security access control solution grants or denies access to the area, based on face recognition. Our HD body worn cameras allows security officers to record real-time voice and video and upload the high-definition video streams over the LTE broadband network to the central control room. This solution prioritizes safety in the workplace.

Face Recognition

Our solution provides access control by using face recognition to prevent unauthorized access to the explosion-proof areas.

Multiple Devices

Hytera offer a wide range of body worn cameras featuring ultra-slim, HD, wide angle, or LTE to meet all needs and budgets.

Multiple Functions

Our range of body cams offer a variety of features, supporting voice and video recording, push-to-talk over cellular, video surveillance, and even serving as a remote speaker microphone.

Multiple Solutions

Manage your evidence, monitor your staff and communicate seamlessly with our bodycam solutions.

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