Mobile Office

Wireless communication is essential to the work efficiency of oil and gas companies. Without it, daily inspections, equipment maintenance, and troubleshooting would not be able to happen; workers need to enter hazardous areas, in which the use of computers is strictly prohibited. Hytera’s wireless network solutions are based on LTE technology to achieve blanket coverage of the entire plant. Workers in the field can use explosion-proof, smart terminals to carry out their daily tasks multiple tasks such as work orders, intelligent inspections and video surveillance.

Advanced LTE Solutions

Hytera's self-developed broadband LTE system supports multiple radio frequency bands. The distributed and integrated base stations demonstrate their strengths in all scenarios where uncompromising availability and efficiency are a must.

Integrated Communications

Hytera offer the best of both worlds; The convergence of PMR and broadband networks allows for a homogeneous system, with narrowband and broadband each retaining their respective advantages. That means faster services when they are needed most.

Smart Services

We provide smart services that allow our users to handle multiple tasks coherently, including intelligent inspection, and work orders, ensuring a productive workforce at all times.

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