Personnel and Asset Positioning

The production environment in oil refineries and chemical companies is complex and involves a variety of flammable, explosive, and toxic chemical substances. Precise positioning of personnel and equipment in real time is key to ensure efficient and safe production. It has been difficult for communication solutions to meet this requirement as the GPS, BDS and other satellite signals are often blocked by various facilities in the production area.

In response to this situation, Hytera developed the personnel and asset positioning solution, based on high-precision BT positioning technology that can achieve meter-level positioning accuracy. The explosion proof, battery-powered beacon point can be deployed quickly in hazardous locations without the need of wiring. This solution has been designed with safe and efficient production in mind and this is reflective in its features, such as asset positioning, geofencing alarm, visitor management, and more.

Explosion-proof Beacons

The beacon point meets the IIC T4 explosion-proof level and is suitable for deployment in any place within the factory.

Mutiple Kind of Devices

Hytera provide a variety of radio accessories, positioning tags, positioning cards, asset tags, and more, to ensure our solutions meet positioning needs in different scenarios.

Easy Deployment

Our solutions are designed to be deployed easily at any time, even in the most challenging of environments. Users can upload the radio positioning information through the digital trunking base station, and upload the positioning card and tag data through the LoRa base station.

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