Pulbic Safety Daily Operation Solution

Hytera Public Safety Daily Operation Solution

Industry Challenges

Development of urbanization brings chanllenges to public safety operations, not only mulitply the workload, but also brining more complicated tasks. Hense an E2E advance solution is required to provide situation awareness, intelligence assistense, and smooth communication to safeguard daily operations with efficient.


Mission Critical Service Hytera HyTalk MC, compliance with 3GPP mission critical standards, including MCPTT, MCVideo, and MCData, aims at delivering reliable individual and group voice/video communications, as well as high-speed data transmissions. It is primarily applicable to public safety and industrial verticals, such as transportation, energy, grid etc.

Core Values

Integrated Command & Control
Integrated Command & Control

E2E solution from incident call taking & handling system, overall situtaion awareness and powerful command, control & communication functions with flexible customizable archeitexture.

Convergence Network
Convergence Network

A convergence network transmiting not only voice & text, but also video, picture, and other data.Trumendously improving the efficiency of daily operation.

E2E Service
E2E Service

From the top level design to introduction and integration of 3rd party systems, Hytera provide E2E service.

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