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The Hytera RD98XS 100W digital repeater is at the heart of analogue and digital radio networks. With outstanding functionality and high reliability, this repeater overcomes signal obstruction to greatly expand the range of the radio system, ensuring reliable communication over longer distance.

RD98XS-100W ning asosiy voqealari

Flexible Hardware Options

There are two hardware options for different coverage needs. One is RD98XS with 50 W output power, and the other is RD98XS with 100 W output power. Both can deliver dependable voice and data communications that reach every corner of your workplace.

IP Multi-site Connection

Multiple RD98XS repeaters can be connected by the IP port to form a private radio network, achieving wide area coverage to meet data and voice communications in dispersed locations.

Back To Back Solution

The RD98XS repeaters can realize cross-band and cross-system communication in DMR Tier 2 through Hytera Back to Back Solution. When connected to Hytera mobile radios, the RD98XS repeaters can also provide wireless connection between two systems when there is no IP link.

Analog/Digital Auto Switch

The RD98XS can automatically switch between analog and digital channel, improving frequency sharing during analog-digital migration.

Smart Network Management

Hytera XNMS as the professional network management platform is adopted to manage RD98XS repeaters. The XNMS can remotely monitor services, configure parameters, and export statistics report for network diagnosis.

High-efficiency Technology

Based on TDMA digital technology, one RD98XS repeater can provide two voice channels simultaneously, double the capacity without extra frequency and facility and simply help the users improve the efficiency.

RD98XS-100W ning texnik xususiyatlari

Chastota oralig'i UHF1:400-470MHz
Kanal sig'imi 64
Ishchi kuchlanish DC:28V
Vazifa tsikli 100%
Joriy oqim (kutish rejim) ≤0.5A
Joriy oqim (uzatish) ≤12.5A
O'lchamlari (B×E×U) mm 483 × 88 × 366
Og'irligi 8.5Kg
Ko'rinish (ko'rsatish) LCD Display:220*176pixel,262000colours,2.0 inch,4 rows
Qabul qiluvchi(reciver)
Baholangan audio chiqish quvvati 0.5W
RF chiqish kuchlanishi 5-100W(adjustable)
Raqamli vocoder turi AMBE+2™, SELP
Ishlash harorati -30℃~+60℃
Saqlash harorati -40℃~+85℃
ESD IEC 61000-4-2(level 4); ±8kV(Contact);±15kV(Air)
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Hytera ImageHytera DMR Trunking Solution
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Hytera DMR Trunking Solution

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