The Hytera PWS (Public Warning System) is a system that remotely controls the public address system to deliver critical warning information to the public through a mission critical communication network. It is a solution that flexibly runs over the existing professional radio communication networks and public broadcasting facilities to control and deal with emergencies in a more timely and effective manner.

The public warning system can be widely used in industries with professional communication networks and public address systems, taking advantage of the real-time nature of professional communication networks, and the wide and direct information dissemination of the public address system. For emergencies, the overall plan is flexible and efficient.


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    Remote control for live broadcast from the control center.

    Remote control for local file broadcast from the control center.

    Alarms from PA sites for illegal unpacking/shifting operations; low power status and maintenance.

    Over the air updates to the local audio file (500KB-1MB) stored in the PA control device.

    Visual dispatching of the PA sites from the control center.

    Real-time status monitoring of the PA sites from the control center.


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    Flexible and Cost-effective
    Fully run over the existing PMR network and public address system for integration, saving customers' early investment. Supports Hytera PMR network and various PA systems.

    Unified Control Platform
    Provides a unified visual dispatch system to manage radio and PA sites working under the PMR network.

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    Efficient control and live broadcasting
    Through the visual dispatching system, the control center can quickly lock the area where the emergency is located, and the incident can be remotely processed through simple operations. In addition to this, real-time voice information can be accurately transmitted to the PA site and the current incident response team.

    Secure and reliable
    Supports real-time transmission of voice or data information through air interface encryption and end-to-end encryption.

System Requirements

The PWS system needs to use the API of the PMR system to support the operation of the PWS client. If the PMR system is not a Hytera system, it needs to provide the corresponding API document of the PMR system for integration. The PA system can be compatible with the PA system whose specifications are balanced/unbalanced, 2VrmsMax, 600Ω and unbalanced 2VrmsMax, 10K; if it is out of range, please send us the specifications documents of the corresponding PA system for additional integration.

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