ACN-01 PTT&MIC cable



The ACN-01 interface cable is a small microphone/PTT unit to the terminal using a 1m long straight cable. The MIC/PTT unit can be clipped for comfortable wearing. A short flying lead from the MIC/PTT is terminated with a 3.5mm audio jack socket, which connects the earpiece such as ES-01, ES-02, EH-01 or EH-02.

Технические характеристики ACN-01

Вес about 37g
Цвет black
Клавиша РТТ available
VOX YES (enabled when the radio's VOX function opened )
Аварийная клавиша none
Соединитель 16-pin connector
Чувствительность микрофона -45±3dB@1kHz 3.0V 2.2KΩ,0dB=1V/Pa
IP-рейтинг IP54
Рабочая Температура -20~60℃
Температура хранения -40~85℃
Примечание Compatible with receive-only earpiece(φ3.5mm jack)
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