Hytera PTTconnect is the powerful PTT-over-Cellular (PoC) solution to turn your Android device (e.g. LTE&TETRA dual mode terminal, smartphone, Pad, etc.) into a PMR device. In addition to this, it is a Broadband-TETRA convergent communication solution featuring wide coverage with high reliability, designed for industry users from public safety, energy, transportation, utilities, etc.

Customers can build a PTTconnect system based on the existing TETRA system for coverage expansion, in this case, the PTTconnect system can be deeply integrated with a TETRA system to realize full interconnection and free communication between the broadband system and the TETRA system.


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    Supports various PTT call types in 3G/4G/Wifi broadband networks

    Supports various PTT call types between broadband and TETRA networks

    Same number in both broadband and TETRA network for LTE & TETRA dual mode terminal

    Automatic network selection between broadband and TETRA networks for LTE & TETRA dual mode terminals


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    Unlimited possibilities for your communication coverage
    PTTconnect can utilize existing nationwide 3G/4G cellular networks or WiFi to realize instant communication for unlimited coverage.

    Full connectivity to Hytera TETRA radio system
    PTTconnect provides full connectivity to Hytera TETRA radio system, so users can enjoy one-to-one or one-to-many communication instantly with the TETRA terminal users.

    Immediate communication
    PTTconnect offers first-class, fast call set-up for fast voice communication.

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    Secure communication
    The absolute security of your communication is guaranteed, as the interception of conversations is effectively prevented by encryption.

    User-friendly and easy to operate
    PTTconnect is easy to use and has a clear, user-friendly design, allowing users to focus fully on their duties.

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