Tajikistan needed to upgrade the public safety communication system in its capital Dushanbe ahead of the SCO 2021 summit meeting. Hytera installed a TETRA radio system augmented by mobile base stations, along with a unified communications platform supporting different radio standards, integrated positioning and land video services to enable the local security departments to oversee a safe and secure summit.


The Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) is a permanent intergovernmental organization created in June 2001 to provide a Eurasian political, economic and security alliance. The SCO comprises 8 member states: China, India, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, Russia, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan; and 4 observer states: Afghanistan, Belarus, Iran and Mongolia; plus a number of dialogue partner states and guest attendee organizations.


The 20th Summit of the SCO Council of Heads of State was held on 16-17 September 2021 in Dushanbe, the capital of Tajikistan. However, prior to the meeting, the local government realised it needed to deploy a modern professional radio communication solution to facilitate the smooth running of the event and to ensure the security of the visiting heads of state and other high profile international guests.


TETRA network for Shanghai Cooperation Organization summit in Tajikistan

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MT680 Plus ,PTC760 ,PD98X

The Challenge

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    Tajikistan’s existing public safety network was out of date. It was only capable of supporting simple voice calls and small-scale direct communications between radios. The limitations of the network meant it was not possible to implement the necessary security protection plans to handle major events or deal efficiently with emergency situations.

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    This meant the security and emergency services were unable to respond quickly and effectively when attempting to resolve an incident or problem. In addition, they had no real-time video information to provide enhanced situational awareness, which would help the emergency services control a situation more effectively.  This meant Tajikistan faced a real challenge when hosting major international events.

The Solution

Hytera was chosen to supply a reliable and robust private TETRA radio network to meet the strict security requirements of the SCO 2021 summit. A number of TETRA base stations were deployed in and around Dushanbe. The system supports a large network capacity with a low frequency resource requirement and ensures a high level of encryption. The coverage area of each base station can be enlarged with multiple diversity reception technology.


Hytera also implemented its Integrated Command system, including the Major Event Security System (MESS), Visual Command System (VCS) and its Professional Unified Communication (PUC) platform. These solutions all played important roles in delivering a comprehensive radio communications network and dispatching applications. They enabled voice and video group calling between terminals, and visual dispatching functions such as real-time positioning and video surveillance.


Ahead of the summit, Hytera's Major Event Security System provided a pre-event scheme with route planning and security area delineation to help anticipate and prevent emergencies. Vehicle-mounted base stations were also set up to provide a quick and flexible way of creating temporary networks whenever and wherever needed. For example, the vehicles could be rapidly deployed to deliver emergency group communications and dispatch services in areas without a signal.


The Hytera Visual Command System provided dispatchers with a comprehensive view of incident status and what resources were available at any time and their locations. This type of information helped end users make better informed decisions and enabled them to respond more quickly and efficiently in emergency situations.


The Hytera Professional Unified Communication platform supports the interconnection of different private networks, and unified visual dispatch through the TETRA private network and local CCTV system. It could monitor every scene in real time, which helped to ensure the success of the summit. In addition, Hytera also provided a series of radio terminal devices including TETRA PT580H Plus hand portables, TETRA MT680 Plus mobile radios, DMR PD98X hand portables, TETRA-LTE PTC760 multi-mode advanced hand portable radios, and MD78X DMR mobile radios.


Hytera set up an SCO project team to ensure all the systems operated reliably. Working with local employees, the SCO team made sure all the equipment was transported to the right place, installed correctly, tested and debugged, to guarantee smooth communications and excellent security.

The Benefits

The Hytera radio, dispatching and unified communications platform greatly improved Dushanbe's security operations, enabling Tajikistan to provide a high level of security during the SCO 2021 summit. The customer was satisfied with the communication service provided by Hytera and praised Hytera's employees, who gave the users professional technical assistance. This project has set the benchmark for communication solutions for large-scale events, especially in Central Asia.

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