Hytera Launched Latest Ultra-thin, Smart Bodycam VM580D


Transparent law enforcement is increasingly becoming a hot topic, not only in public safety, but also in many other areas,such as court evidence collection, security protection, industrial and commercial law enforcement, power and energy, forest protection, environmental protection, banknotes, etc. Body Worn Cameras can provide effective evidence for restoring the truth, become the equipment for ensuring transparent law enforcement.

At CCWeek 2020, Hytera launched the latest ultra-thin smart 4G body worn camera which can help users achieve verifiable law enforcement.

20mm ultra-thin body, super-light and user-friendly

The 20mm ultra-thin body and ergonomic design makes it easy to wear. This design can also help frontline personnel feel comfortable and flexible on the job even if wearing it whole day. The 2.0-inch touch screen and minimalist UI interface enables the operations more convenient and simpler. The large PTT button, separate alarm button and instant SOS in emergencies feature ensure the safety of law enforcement personnel.

High-resolution video recording all details and restores evidence

Video recording is the most important and fundamental function of body worn cameras. The VM580D can film 1080P videos with infrared night vision feature. This can even meticulously distinguish facial features and profiles very clearly at distances of 5 meters to 10 meters in the dark. The 110° ultra-wide lens is equipped with a distortion reduction algorithm to accurately collect more details on sites. The 30s pre&post event recording feature can help the process and details of the incidents be recorded truthfully and more completely. Moreover, VM580D supports video uploading via LTE network while recording ,achieving visualized command and dispatch during law enforcement process. 

Benefits from Hytera PoC system, VM580D can easily carry out convergence communication with broadband or narrowband terminals via LTE network and help users improve the efficiency of command and control tasks.

Global positioning, rapid indoor and outdoor positioning, and real-time tracking of frontline personnel

VM580D supports global positioning configuration, such as GPS, GLONASS, AGPS and indoor Bluetooth positioning. Even in parking lots, tunnels, underground shopping malls and other places with poor signals, it can track the location of frontline personnel in real time which can help end users complete tasks more conveniently and efficiently.

In addition, it is equipped with a 3000mAh battery, which supports more than 8 hours of continuous video recording. It is IP68 dustproof and waterproof, and can withstand 2m drop resistance.

VM580D adopts an encryption chip, with AES256-bit encryption algorithm and data auto saved feature in emergency. 

An end to end solution that delivers on customer needs

In addition to body worn cameras, Hytera can provide a complete solution for end-to-end equipment management and data collection, storage, query, and analysis. Smart MDM remote management solution for mobile devices can manage body worn cameras in batch, as well as program and upgrade devices remotely, thus reducing the maintenance time and significantly reducing manpower investment. 

The Integrated Device Station (IDS) can collect, view, playback, archive, and log data in body worn cameras. The Digital Evidence Management (DEM), serving as the management hub of data in body worn cameras, can summarize data collected by multiple IDS, helping users quickly build a massive data management system, to store, query and analyze evidence. Throughout the entire data collection and management process, the complete authorized information ensures that information will not be leaked. Together with VM580D's security encryption chips and AES256-bit encryption algorithm, the law enforcement department can avoid unauthorized usage and deletion of evidence files, which can ensure the authenticity, integrity, and independence of law enforcement works.

Hytera had already launched the VM780 and the VM550D body worn cameras over the past two years. Hytera can provide a variety of products in different scenarios. According to your different requirements and usage scenarios, you can choose the most suitable product.

To watch the product video of VM580D, please visit https://youtu.be/qq9Y42GDdE4. 

If you want to know more about Hytera products and solutions, please visit https://pardot.hytera.com/l/860473/2020-11-06/bfmdj.


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