Sophisticated Digital Trunking Technology
Based on years' experience in DMR product development and project, Hytera provides solutions that better meet users' actual application needs and the product design that can fit private network users' habit. Rich experience in the private network industry enables Hytera to provide in-depth customized solutions for users.
Superior Audio Performance
Hytera adopts the advanced digital voice encoding and channel encoding technologies, providing better noise rejection and preserving voice quality over a greater range than the analog radio, especially at the farthest edges of the coverage area.
Reliable Voice Encryption
With the advanced digital technology and encryption technology, privacy and security of communication can be ensured. Encryption technologies such as authentication and end-to-end encryption are supported.
Smooth Evolution
Hytera provides a variety of solutions for smooth evolution, which meets the expectation of rapidly enhancing multimedia capability while not affecting the mission critical voice communication. It fulfills users' actual needs in each stage and allows them to gradually upgrade the network to protect the existing investment.

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