Rich Solution Schemes for Overall Accessories
Hytera provides all serial and the deeply customized solution schemes for accessories communication to give the reliable and more comfortable communication experience to customers, aiming at the communication demands in different industries and scenes on the basis of more than 20 years special network communication industry experience.
Systematic Design to Perfectly Match with the Terminal
All serial accessories are developed independently by the Hytera. The systematic design is provided at the beginning of the products' development according to the requirements of the terminal, and all kinds of application tests are conducted under the cooperation with the terminal to guarantee the reliable connection between the accessories and terminal, and seamless match as a result of substantially functioning as the terminal and accessories.
Intelligent Accessories to Simplify the Communication
The core competitiveness of the Hytera is to make the accessories more intelligent and efficient. The user's use conditions could be automatically identified by whether the intelligent battery with the anti-counterfeit marks or power supply intelligent management system and audio accessories to optimize the application experience and improve the efficiency of the communication.
Reliable and Durable to Satisfy the Use in the Demanding Environment
The original accessories of the Hytera have passed a series of strict and reliable tests and security certifications. It is reassured that they could be in a normal work state even in the hostile environment.

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