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    Always Find a Way to Report Incident

    Short message; website; mobile application

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    Present Caller's Information

    Name; Address of the fixed phone; Rough location of the mobile phone

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    Flexible Call Handling

    Just be a call taker or a dispatcher, or be both of them, at your will. Incident dispatch across or within administrative levels. Transfer incidents to other call takers.

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    Maximize Incident Management Efficiency

    Automatically recognize repeated incidents upon typing. Powerful search for incidents based on time, location, etc. Merge repeated incidents.

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    C/S and B/S Combination

    Client/server architecture in the command center to deliver rich functions. Browser/server architecture in branches or police stations for convenient deployment

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    Workflow Record, from Call to Dispatch

    Timeline-based tracking and recording of the whole process, including incident status change, actions performed, and voice calls. Play voice recordings online.

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    Comprehensive Supervision

    Monitor call takers. Interrupt ongoing calls. Perform call and incident statistics.

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    Locate Incidents on the Map

    Integrate with VCS to locate incidents, first responders directly on the map for improved decision-making.

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