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    All Resources on One Map

    Police force, police vehicles, and other police handheld devices; critical infrastructure, e.g. water/power/chemical facilities, schools, and resorts; dangerous spots, e.g. lowland, slope, rapid, and sewage; video surveillance camera; checkpoint; sensors for water, smoke, and infrared, etc; show or hide each resource layer on the map

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    Comprehensive Data at a Glance on Homepage

    Key people, e.g. people entering/leaving specific regions, or persons on probation/parole; incident; map; video surveillance of key areas in turn; police force deployment; weather, especially typhoon and storm.

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    Map-based Security Post Deployment

    Various functional posts, e.g. commander, patroller, traffic dispersion, and fire safety check; one click to place a post on any location of the map; select and drag to assign security force to posts.

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    Advanced Route Security Planning

    Draw a route by mouse on the map; set guide and tail vehicles; deploy security posts along the route; open surveillance cameras along the route; deviation warning test with simulated GPS data; surveillance camera test along the route.

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    Flexible Dispatch During Event

    Position check by GPS; notification or warning by message; roll call; click to message and call on the map; encircle resources on the map to perform DGNA.

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    Multiple Measures for Safer Route

    off notification, countdown and delay warning; fleet approach notification to posts; notification of surrounding resources such as cameras or checkpoints to the fleet; warning of approaching dangerous spots, such as lowland, slope, or flyover to the fleet; notification or warning by message; automatic playing of near cameras along the route of the guide vehicle.

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    Scheme-based Organization Topology

    Down organizations from schemes, tasks, posts, to individuals.

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    Maximize the Power of All Videos

    Click playing; flexible layout of video panes; group cameras to facilitate operation

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    2.5D and 3D Map Integration

    Making and accurate dispatch to better protect people.

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