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    All Resources on One Map

    Police force; incident locations; critical Infrastructures, e.g. campuses, churches, and government buildings; radios and vehicles, e.g. DMR radios and police vehicles; video surveillance cameras; checkpoints.

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    Unified Multimedia Communication

    Make calls on public and private networks, narrowband and broadband, and make calls to both fixed and mobile terminals; supports various PMR functions, such as ambience listening, emergency call, and broadcast call ; initiate versatile services, such as individual calls, group calls, and video calls, and map-based messaging; supports crosspatch and multimedia conference; click cameras to play real-time video.

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    Auto Link for Convenient Call

    With an incident automatically linked to a police group, directly call the group at one press of the palm PTT.

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    Encircle to Call and Play Video

    raw a shape by marquee tool on the map to include radio icons. A dynamic group including the radios is created. Directly call the group by one click. With camera icons included in the drawn shape, view the camera videos simultaneously in different video panes.

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    Traceable Incident Handling Process

    Locate police officers in real time; timeline-based recording of the entire process, including actions performed, status change, messages, and voice calls; play voice recordings online.

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    One-Click Dispatch

    On the map, click on a target to generate three concentric circles centered on it; configure radius of the three concentric circles; view resources within the concentric circles by type; dispatch police force within the concentric circles by call, message, and camera surveillance.

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