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  • Dedicated for rail transport, Hytera wireless communications solution consists of 800-MHz TETRA system, dispatch system, network management system, fixed radios, trainborne radios, and portable radios, and integrates with the rail transport signal system to provide train locations and train numbers. Deliver reliable and secure networks for intercommunication among drivers, dispatchers, and staff at the station, and monitor train status in real time. The solution helps keep your trains running on time and respond to incidents on the track quickly, boosting operation efficiency and the level of customer satisfaction.

Products & Systems

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    Smart Metro Dispatcher (SMD)

    Tailored for metro users, varied in service types. The SMD delivers both voice and data services, including private calls, group calls, simul-select calls, and broadcast calls, dynamic group number assignment, group patch, favorite group creation, and messaging.

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    Dispatch Server (DSS)

    Exchange data with the dispatch station, network management system, and signal system, and realize permission management of the dispatch station, fault report, and real-time updates of train location.

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    Network Management System (NMS)

    Monitor the operation status of the trunking switch, base station, dispatch station, optical fiber repeater, and other devices. When a device malfunctions, the NMS gives audible and visual alarms, which facilitates troubleshooting and maintenance.

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