Training Purpose

For end users
  • Understand product technology, realize solution application and maximize product value
For partners
  • Enhance technical capabilities, promote business development, and create competitive advantages

Training Mode

  • Local delivery (Headquarters of Hytera-Shenzhen)

    Face-to-face training delivered at Hytera’s headquarters of Shenzhen

  • Delivery in different places (location designated by the customer)

    Face-to-face training delivered by designated location (not Hytera headquarters) according to customer requirements

  • Online training

    The training is broadcast live between instructors and trainees through the network platform

Training Courses

Trunking System Networking Coverage Solutions

  • DMR trunking pro system technical training
  • DMR trunking lite system technical training
  • DMR simulcast system technical training
  • TETRA trunking system technical training
  • Broadband trunking system technical training (Hytalk, Hytalk-pro, Hytalk-MC)

Conventional System Networking Coverage Solutions

  • IP multi-site technical training
  • XPT system technical training
  • Emergency ad-hoc network system technical training

Command and Dispatch Solutions

  • Hytera Smartdispatch technical training
  • Smartone intelligent dispatching system technical training
  • PoC fusion command and dispatch technical training

Terminal Maintenance Solutions

  • DMR terminal maintenance technical training
  • TETRA terminal maintenance technical training
  • Multi-mode terminal maintenance technical training
  • PoC terminal maintenance technical training


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