PT560H TETRA Professional Digital Radio


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The PT560H is engineered for top performance in harsh conditions. With IP68 rated, it is protected from water and dust. The long-lasting battery ensures 22 hours of standby time on a single charge. With advanced noise-cancelling technology, the PT560H delivers clearer voice communication in a wide range of noisy environments. This radio has different versions including basic, advanced, professional, and anti-tamper for your selection.

Points forts de PT560H

Rugged and Durable

The PT560H is designed to comply with ETSI30019-1-7, MIL-STD- 810F/G, IP68, and Hytera ALT Test simulating over years usage. These ensure best performance of PT560H in the toughest environments for long time.

Extended Communication Coverage

The PT560H boasts a 3-watt RF power, effectively extending the communication coverage in the basements and other indoor places

Outstanding Audio

New voice noise reduction and echo cancellation technology provides unprecedented speech clarity, even in noisy environments, ensuring accurate delivery of critical commands.

Comprehensive Security

Combing the built-in hardware encryption with encryption algorithms, the PT560H protects voice privacy and data security.

Accurate Positioning

Equipped with the advanced positioning chip, the PT560H provides fast and accurate positioning by using GPS, GLONASS, and BDS.

Spécifications de PT560H

Bande de fréquences 380-430MHZ
Dimensions (H×L×P) mm 127.5 × 55 × 36.5; 127.5 × 55 × 39.5 (for BL2019)
Poids 368g(with battery and antenna)
Tension de fonctionnement 7.4V
Batterie Standard:2000mAh Smart Li-lon battery; Option:2500mAh Li-lon battery
Autonomie de la batterie (cycle de service TMO 5/5/90) >22H(2000mAh); >27H(2500mAh)
Interface utilisateur
Affichage 1.8inch,160*128pixels,262144 colors
Groupe de discussion-TMO 6000
Groupe de discussion-DMO 4000
Annuaire téléphonique 2000
Boîte de réception 400
Boîte d'envoi 50
Statut du Message 200
Spécifications RF
Bande passante du canal 25KHz
Puissance de sortie RF 3W(1.8W For 806-870MHz)
Précision du niveau de puissance RF ±2dB
Contrôle de puissance RF 5dB per step, 5 levels and 4 steps in total
Classe de récepteur ETSI EN 392-2/396-2 Class A and Class B
Sensibilité RX (statique) ≤-116dBm(typical-118dBm); 806-870MHz: ≤-115dBm(typical-116dBm)
Sensibilité RX (dynamique) ≤-107dBm(typical-109dBm); 806-870MHz: ≤-106dBm(typical-107dBm)
Puissance de sortie audio 2W(Peak 3W)
Spécifications GPS
Sensibilité de réception RX Acquisition sensitivity:-146dBm; Tracking sensitivity:-165dBm
Précision de la position horizontale ≤2.5m(50% probable)@-130dBm
Démarrage à froid (heure de la première réparation) <35s
Démarrage à chaud (heure de la première réparation) <1s
Note Conditions: Open Sky environment, 130dBm signal strength, 24H static
Température de fonctionnement -30℃ ~ +60℃
Température de stockage -40℃ ~ +85℃
Protection contre la poussière et l'eau IP65/66/67/68 Per IEC60529
Humidité ETS 300-019-1-7 Class 7.3E; MIL-STD-810 G
Vibration, chute et choc ETS 300-019-1-7 Class 5M3; MIL-STD-810 G; GJB150A-2009
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