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The 5-star Grand Hyatt Hotel Bali needs to deliver top quality hospitality services, but it was being hampered by the limitations of its conventional radio system, which suffered from patchy coverage and capacity issues. Hytera solved these problems by implementing a PoC solution, which delivered full coverage, unlimited talk groups and support for rich multimedia services, including live video streaming. The solution has helped to streamline the hotel’s operations, boosting efficiency and quality of service to guests.
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Grand Hyatt Hotel Bali
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Hospitality (Hotel)
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Hytera HyTalk PoC3000 Platform

HyTalk Dispatcher

PNC380 PoC Radios

The Background

The Grand Hyatt Hotel Bali situated in the coastal town of Nusa Dua on the island of Bali in Indonesia is a 5-star hotel covering a total area of 18 hectares. It features 636 luxurious rooms and suites, 5 restaurants, a spa, and 24 meeting rooms of various sizes. The hotel can accommodate up to 1,420 guests with up to 300 hotel staff working per shift. 
Radio devices are essential communication tools to support and coordinate work in the hotel industry where fast, high quality service is an absolute necessity if a hotel is to attract and retain guests and achieve a good reputation. However, it is very challenging to obtain radio broadcasting licenses in Bali due to the limited frequency capacity on the island.
The Challenge

The Challenge

Each hotel in Bali can only obtain one frequency, which creates a number of difficulties. For a start, hotels are forced to use only one talk group for all hotel departments such as security, engineering, F&B, room service, and so on, which causes problems in communication and coordination and this can consequently impact service quality.
The hotels are unable to use repeaters, resulting in many areas having poor signal coverage or blank coverage spots. Another issue is that supervisors and managers do not know the caller ID and status of the users, as they are using non-system conventional radios.
Grand Hyatt Hotel Bali needed to find a new communication solution that will be able to improve coverage, provide more capacity and support multiple talk groups as well as additional functionalities, including caller ID and status. The biggest challenge, therefore, was how to get around the frequency license issue.

The Solution

Hytera’s proposal that the hotel switch to a Push-to-Talk over Cellular (PoC) system was well-received by Grand Hyatt Hotel Bali. The system consisting of Hytera HyTalk PoC3000 platform, HyTalk Dispatcher and PNC380 PoC radios was successfully delivered to the hotel in April 2023. The solution was set up using SIM cards and subscriptions from mobile phone operator Indosat Ooredoo Hutchison.
PoC operates over public cellular mobile networks and Wi-Fi, so the hotel did not need to invest in any cellular infrastructure. Nor did they need to invest in any radio frequency licenses, so this solved the lack of spectrum problem in Bali. PoC provides a more economic solution as the hotel no longer needs to pay for and maintain radio infrastructure and license fees.
By utilizing a combination of GSM and Wi-Fi networks, the PoC solution was able to achieve a significantly broader coverage area compared with conventional two-way radios and eliminates signal blind spots. This means staff can be contacted anywhere, anytime, leading to a faster response and better service.
The PoC solution supports the creation of an unlimited number of dedicated talk groups, so each hotel department now has its own talk group and more can be easily added as and when required. This enables better communication and coordination within specific teams, thereby improving efficiency and reducing confusion.
PoC also provides caller ID and status tracking functionality, which allows users to identify the source of incoming calls. This enhances overall communication efficiency and enables better resource allocation.
In addition, the hotel is able to apply the call hierarchy feature, which enables managers to have priority access and control over communications. This ensures that important calls are promptly addressed and helps streamline decision-making processes.

The Benefits

Better System, Better Service
By implementing the Hytera PoC solution, Grand Hyatt Hotel Bali was able to address the communication issues caused by the limitations of conventional radio systems and lack of frequency licenses and enhance its communication capabilities, leading to improved operational efficiency and guest satisfaction.

Call Groups and User ID 
The PoC system supports unlimited call groups and provides user ID and status, so it is much easier for managers to locate the right staff and run the hotel more efficiently.

Data Services
The 5MP camera on the PNC380 enables live PTT video streaming. This application can be very helpful for engineering staff during equipment installations and maintenance operations. Security can use video for vehicle checks, daily routine checks, to identify blacklisted persons, and so on. Front office staff can use video to identify VIP customers.

Dispatch and Recording Functionality
The HyTalk PoC platform supports voice and video recording for reporting and investigating (if needed). The GPS location technology can be used for geofencing to monitor and control staff movements.
Robust Radios
The PNC380 units are extremely robust, as they are IP67-rated, so they are fully protected from dust and are waterproof up to 1m for 30 minutes (the previous radios were only IP54 splashproof). The radios also meet the MIL-STD-810G standard to withstand 1.5-meter drops.
Staff Safety
The radios come with an emergency button on the top of the radio for quick action in critical situations. 
Easy Implementation
Hytera was able to provide a soft migration by integrating the PoC system with the existing radio fleet during the implementation period.
Value Added
The PoC solution shifts Grand Hyatt’s investment from a CAPEX orientated communication solution to an OPEX one, as they only require the HyTalk software platform, SIM card subscriptions and radio devices.
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