Mature TETRA Communication Technology
Based on years of TETRA research and project experience, Hytera is customer-oriented, and constantly innovate in technology around customer value, striving to provide customers with the best communication equipment and the best communication service.
Advanced All IP Architecture
Hytera digital trunking system is an all IP network, which realizes the voice and data exchange among all network elements in the whole network. Simple topology, flexible and easy to expand.
High Reliability Design
The system adopts the design of organic combination of distributed and centralized. Supports the multi-level fallback mode.Supports the redundancy mode to ensure the operation reliability of the network and avoids the whole network failure and function loss caused by any node failure, and effectively improves the reliability and efficiency of products.
Multiple Encryption Mechanism
Hytera provides a variety of security encryption technologies, such as TETRA encryption algorithm, advanced encryption algorithm, user-defined encryption algorithm, and end-to-end security solutions, providing the highest level of security communication guarantee for customers and ensuring the communication security and data security of customers.

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